Denver Broncos: Why a Patriots' Win This Weekend Is Good for Them

Dennis TrescaCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2011

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 11:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos laterals the ball to tight end Demaryius Thomas #88 of the Denver Broncos against the Chicago Bears at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on December 11, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Bears 13-10 in overtime.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Please. Stop. The Madness. Yes, it's a fact that the Broncos are 7-1 with Tebow under center. It's also a fact that Denver is in the driver’s seat for the AFC West title in spite of Tebow’s play, not because of it.


The Bad

Tim Tebow is completing only 48.5 percent of his passes (96-of-198). This is not what a team needs out of its starting quarterback.  Yes, he has the innate ability to avoid pressure and move the ball with his legs. However, it isn’t taking very long for defenses to get hip to this.

Teams are forcing Tebow to beat them with his arm. Yikes.  Head coach John Fox has had to change the entire offense to adapt to Tebow.  Even with a revamped playbook, Tebow’s play has been average at best. Unless, of course, we're talking about the closing minutes of games…


The Good

OK, here's where all the support comes from. Tim Tebow continues to impress at the end of games. He flails about like a fish out of water for three-and-half quarters every game, only to finally put a decent drive together at the end. Inevitably, the team will win by a field goal.

Tebow has also protected the ball very well. His TD to INT is 11-2. He does have three fumbles on the year, but none have been lost.


The Reality

Tim Tebow is doing just enough to get his offense in position to win these close games. However, there is a much bigger reason that these games have been close to begin with—the defense. Denver’s defense has been great during the team’s winning streak. They have brought an intensity to the field that hasn’t been seen in the "Mile High City" for quite some time. Couple that with an accurate kicker and the Broncos have a fighting chance to beat anyone. Now, just imagine if they had a proficient quarterback…


Why it will be good for the Patriots to beat the Broncos

Nothing makes a team take a good look at itself like a complete butt whooping! If the Patriots come to town and dominate Tebow and the Broncos, John Fox and company will have to do just that. Maybe the Broncos will realize that Tebow is not the future. His end-of-game luck cannot continue, and his style of play (inaccurate, throws like a shot putter) is not the stuff franchise quarterbacks are made of.

So if you are a Broncos fan and truly care about the future of your franchise, root for a Patriots win!

OK, that's probably not going to happen. However, a fan of the NFL should definitely be in the Patriots corner this weekend.