WWE: Will the Real Kane Please Stand Up?

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIDecember 13, 2011

By now, you all know that Kane has returned with his mask.

The majority are thrilled and ready for Kane to create a path of destruction while some members of the Internet Wrestling Community are waiting by their keyboards, patiently waiting for the epic fail of the returning masked Kane.

The most surprising—or not so surprising at all—is the return of, "Is that really Glen Jacobs or someone else portraying Kane?"

I remember back in 2003 when Kane unmasked and that started the debate of whether or not that was the real Kane. Fans stated facts like the “real” Kane had genuine hair and not a wig and looked more fit then the unmasked Kane.

Conspiracy theories were flying left and right to the point where people actually thought at one point that The Undertaker was the man behind the mask.

I believe Glen Jacobs is still Kane, as he just took a nice three-month break—enough time for him to get into better shape. Also, those who claim that Jacobs can't grow his hair to the length that it is currently are correct in their statement, but he could simply just wear a wig and grow a small beard.

What really confirms that Kane is still Glen Jacobs is the glass eye and crooked smile—the latter was seen at the end of his return segment. 

Some are speculating that it could be The Undertaker behind the mask. A certain kind of lens could make the eye mimic Jacobs' glass eye and Taker could easily mimic Jacobs smirk to perfection. Some even claim that Kane's mannerisms and movements are just like The Undertaker.

Also, the mere fact that Kane returned with hair has some pointing their fingers at Taker.

The main issue with that theory is the fact that it makes little sense for The Undertaker to return as Kane as WrestleMania season is approaching rapidly, and if he's well enough to return as Kane, then he's well enough to return to attempt 20-0. There's little logic for Undertaker taking Kane's place.

Also, the fact we don't see Taker's tattoos on the arms of the mask Kane shows it's not even him to begin with.

A select few are even speculating that Drew Hawkinson, who we all know as Luke Gallows, could in fact be the masked Kane. All he has to do is get his body built to the point that it's similar to Kane and don a wig. Of course, Hawkinson was never hired back, effectively killing that theory.

Once Kane gives his first promo with the mask, his voice will reveal it's Glen Jacobs. If the voice is in any way radically different, the speculation will explode to the point of ridiculousness. Until we hear him speak, the speculation will foolishly continue.

So, will the real Kane please stand up?