NBA Rumors: Jamal Crawford to the Sacramento Kings Would Be Disastrous

Joseph GoodeCorrespondent IIIDecember 14, 2011

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 21:  Jamal Crawford #11 of the Atlanta Hawks against the Miami Heat at Philips Arena on October 21, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

ESPN's Chris Broussard tweeted that Jamal Crawford has narrowed his choices to Portland, New York and the Sacramento Kings

Why would the Kings even consider offering a one-dimensional player like Crawford any type of contract when they have similar guards in Jimmer Fredette, Marcus Thornton and John Salmons? Every one of these guys are volume scorers and are considered black holes with the ball. 

If the Kings sign Crawford, it would be disastrous, and the Kings would likely be back in the lottery. 

Crawford is a 6’6” scorer, who has been regulated to the bench due to his poor defense and inability to get others involved. When he is hot, Crawford is a great player who can take over games, but most of the players on the Kings roster can do the same.  

He instantly gives the Kings nothing, but a player wanting playing time, and will likely cause a ruckus in the locker room to an already-young and immature team if his minutes are cut on certain nights. 

Signing Crawford to any type of contract would not make sense. It seems like a move that the Maloofs are pushing for and not what GM Geoff Petrie wants. This is definitely not a basketball move.  

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee reported that the Maloofs do not appreciate the perception that they are sitting on their cap space, but these guys have to be smart and diligent. They should stay away of any type of basketball personnel moves, and leave that work to Petrie and the rest of the staff. 

I understand that the Maloofs and the Kings want to win now, but they must develop their young talent. Tyreke Evans, Jimmer and Thornton are the present and future for the Kings at the guard positions. They are currently learning how to play without the ball in their hands all the time, and will eventually start to mesh together. 

This team desperately needs someone to fill the void at the starting small forward spot, and if the Maloofs are willing to spend money, then they should get Andrei Kirilenko to sign a contract. He does not need the ball to be effective.

Kirilenko is a great defender, rebounder, passer and finisher around the rim, everything that Crawford is not. He would instantly make the Kings a winner, not Crawford. Kirilenko would also be a great leader and provide a veteran presence in the locker room something that Crawford would not do. 

Last season, coach Paul Westphal had a rotational carousel with the lineup in each game, which was frustrating to watch, and I would imagine difficult to find a rhythm and play. He is definitely not the right guy for this young team that is developing, and I would think that his mind would explode if Crawford was added to this guard-heavy team. 

I would much rather see Westphal work the three-guard rotation of Evans, Jimmer and Thornton this season. By adding Crawford, most would think that Jimmer would be the odd man out since he is a rookie and inexperienced.

I don’t think the Sacramento fans would want to see Jimmer riding the bench for most of the game. The Kings selected him with the 10th pick in the draft with the intent of playing him. The Maloofs were also big in wanting Jimmer for popularity and ticket sale reasons. He was drafted to play, and will play if the Kings do not sign Crawford. 

Portland and Sacramento has currently offered Crawford a two-year, $10 million contract, while the Knicks could only offer him $2.5 million. It would make the most sense for Crawford to go to Portland since he is from nearby Seattle, and the Blazers lost Brandon Roy to retirement. He provides the Blazers a key scorer that would help relieve LaMarcus Aldridge on certain nights. 

The Knicks are also intriguing because they are a talented team that can do some damage in the playoffs. He gives the this team either a starting shooting guard or he could be the sixth man that this team desperately needs. The only problem is that he would have to take less money if he were to join the Knicks. 

So why would he even consider joining the Sacramento Kings, when this team is a borderline playoff team, and they have scorers all over this team? He even turned down a very talented Indiana Pacers team for the same contract that he is currently being offered by the other teams.  

Crawford would be a horrendous signing for a young Sacramento Kings team that is on the rise. This team will fight for the eighth seed in the West this season with their current roster, but signing Crawford would hinder them from accomplishing this feat. 

The Maloofs and Petrie must look elsewhere for talent to spend their money. The decision of Crawford could either take us a few steps forward or a few back.