JBL Living off his Gimmick

James PayneCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

John Bradshaw Layfield is an idiot.

We all know that as wrestling fans, however, it seems someone forgot to tell WWE.

Layfield always makes a headline for all the wrong reasons. Whether it be goose-stepping in Germany or getting in to altercations with other superstars backstage—most recently Joey Styles during the last overseas tour. Yet, WWE continues to push JBL as something he is not, a main-event headlining superstar.

Last night, WWE gave JBL another shot at a world title. He won a fatal four way match to gain number one contendership to John Cena's World Heavyweight Championship.

We have seen a Cena/JBL fued before. What makes this one different? The involvement of Shawn Michaels (whom I can't believe is working such a terrible angle). Since Michaels "works" for JBL he will do everything in his power to help JBL win.

JBL got his push to stardom by default.

WWE needed heels to work with faces in 2004. That is why WWE turned JBL heel in 2004 to fued with Eddie Guererro. It worked then, WWE had no one else to go to at the time. Which lead to a JBL title reign, a reign which lasted from June 2004 to April of 2005. A slew of injuries to top superstars kept the strap on JBL longer then it should have been.

JBL started to believe in his stardom and became full of himslef. Similar to his persona on TV. JBL thought he was money.

After semi-retirement, he returned last year. WWE gave him more face time then he deserved.

JBL is no legend, he is no icon.

He continues to do things that would get any other superstar fired. Yet, WWE seems oblivious to the fact. They continue to push JBL as if he were some icon.

Why does WWE keep doing this? I guess politics do reign supreme in the land of McMahon.