The Wrestling Community: Hang Your Head in Shame!

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Around four months ago, I discovered Bleacher Report. Since then, I have been reading articles fairly regularly, on many different topics. I saw how the Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Wrestling communities worked from an outsider's point of view.

And, on the basis of what I saw, the latter was by far the worst.

About one month ago I thought I'd have a go at writing my own articles, mainly on wrestling. I have continued to track all the communities listed above, and still the wrestling one is by far the worst.

So what is the problem?

Well, there have been one or two articles recently about the state of the wrestling community and, to be fair, things have got marginally better. But they still aren't good enough.

When a new writer joins the football or soccer community, the top writers welcome them, and give them tips on how to succeed. When a new writer joins the wrestling community, the top writers ridicule them for every tiny mistake they may have made. They abuse them if their opinion differs just slightly.

When I joined I had no welcome by the community leader Ron Johnson. All I had from the no. 1 writer, in the rankings at least, was "I'm Joe Burgett, I'm so amazing you want to get to know me!"

The problem is that the top writers do not see newcomers as another person to share this writing experience with, they see them as threats to their position in the rankings.

I'm willing to bet Joe Burgett very rarely gives out 5* for an article because he thinks that person may just come and overthrow him in the future.

He cares more about his no. 1 spot than his, or anyone else's, writing. How he has even got to the no. 1 spot is beyond me! All he does is copy and paste off (occasionally he varies the site), and then change a few words.

Then he has the cheek to claim how knowlegable and "in the know" he is. How he keeps everyone updated on the news like some hero. Newsflash Joe, this isn't a news site. And you don't break the news, you simply hear about it, and then pass it on to people, the majority of whom will already know about it.

He finds spoilers on these websites and puts them on B/R for all to see. Another newsflash Joe, not everyone wants to know exactly what is going to happen every week. Otherwise we wouldn't watch it!

There are plenty of writers in the community who deserve that spot more than him.

Joe, here is a tip. Get you head out of your own arse, and start appreciating writers for how good their writing is, not how much of a threat they are to your no. 1 position.

And, as I'm being generous today, here is another tip. Write some original articles, and stop regurgitating news articles off other sites, then claiming you broke the news first and your the most up to date wrestling fan out there.

You're not.