MMA Stars Wand Silva, Mir, Jones, Griffin, Whitehead Unite to Help MMA Fan

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst IDecember 15, 2011

The mixed martial arts community is an extremely tight knit unit.  We have thrived as a community together.  This community has been built around conflict, so it is the very nature of the fabric of MMA that there are differences of opinion ranging from fighters, to the camps they train under, and the fans that support them.

It is without question though that while we all travel down different paths that in the end we are all headed the same direction.  We may not always see eye to eye but we certainly all seek the same goal.

As we reach for that goal, within the smaller circles that make up this sport, we come together.  We come together as more than practitioners, enthusiasts, and fanatics of this sport.  We come together as a family.

These families that are developed build an extremely strong bond through the rigorous demands of training fighters, preparing fighters, supporting fighters, and living and dying with every match.

While that family mentality is formed in the gym on the mats or in the cage, it resonates across the community. That is how MMA has as a whole grown together as a family.

This is why when one of us reaches out many of us feel the call.  When a time of need arises within the smallest of MMA families, the ripples spread across the entire pond of MMA.  Such is apparent when looking at the efforts of a modest yet growing MMA family located in Tucson Az.

MMA veteran Mike Whitehead has deep roots in the community and has seen it all from both inside and outside of the cage in this sport. He has competed in such organizations as the UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction, M-1, WEC, and many more.

His path has led him to settle down in Tucson where he recently opened X-1 Sports and Fitness. He has strived to bring his vast MMA knowledge to the very deep and heavily talented Tucson fight community.

Having built a strong rapport between his facility and the community, Whitehead has welcomed many a fight and health conscious enthusiast into this family. Together they have grown and continued to build the X-1 brand and reputation.

One of the many individuals who have gone all in at X-1 is a unique and inspiring individual by the name of Rebecca Kerr. Becca, as she is known around X-1, is a fitness enthusiast and has found her place in the X-1 family in pursuit of her passion for exercise and fitness.

Life has its way of throwing curve balls we rarely see coming.  As is such, life has dealt Becca an especially difficult pitch to swing at.

Becca is a surgical tech who has worked both at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Camp Lowell Surgery Center in Tucson. When turning 35, she decided to go through an amazing body and healthy lifestyle transformation, created only by hard work, demanding workouts, insane dedication.

After she competed in her first figure competition, where she looked fabulous, she found a lump in her left breast. It was found to be invasive breast cancer. Rebecca is now undergoing 16 weeks of weekly chemotherapy which has been rather hard on her.

She needs to have bilateral mastectomies, and possible radiation over the next year. Those of you that know her know she has amazing energy and will power. Rebecca has an extremely high health insurance deductible and will be having a hard time covering it to receive all the treatments she needs.

So as has been the case within many families, X-1, Mike Whitehead, and the entire Tucson fight community is pulling together to raise her up and find a way to make sure she has what she needs to fight with every tool she needs to come out on top.

Sadly in the world we live in the best tools for the fight she is in require more than love and well wishes. As we all know it takes money.  So with that in mind, Whitehead has called upon his deep connections throughout this business, throughout this family of MMA, and the community has answered the call to aid Becca as she continues to fight this battle.

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva, former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir, former UFC light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin, current UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, UFC commentator Mike Goldberg, they have all stepped up to contribute signed memorabilia for a silent auction to be held Saturday December 17th at X-1 Fitness.

The event is actually called Becca’s Big X-Mas Bootcamp for Boobies. Starting at noon Saturday it is an hour and a half event including a workout and silent auction to raise money for Becca’s treatment co-pays.

It is ten dollars at the door to get in, and those in attendance can either workout with the X-1 camp, or just attend the silent auction.  Either way 100% of the proceeds for all efforts this Saturday will go to Becca.

This will mark the third event X-1 has put on in her name and it will not be the last.

If you find yourself in mid-town Tucson Arizona this Saturday afternoon why not swing by the corner of Grant and Alvernon and show your support for one of our own. MMA is a community of quality and caring individuals, this includes you fight fan.

If you can make it you have a great chance to get in a solid workout or maybe even be the winning bidder on any number of amazing autographed memorabilia items.

The list includes but is not limited to a signed life size Fathead poster of Wanderlei Silva, or a signed Wand glove, Jon Jones signed items, Forrest Griffin signed items, UFC merchandise, a Frank Mir signed poster, or any number of UFC 140 one of a kind signed Frank Mir items.  The UFC 140 items include room keys from Toronto, the hat Mike Whitehead wore in Frank’s corner when he faced Big Nog, and a UFC 140 poster, all signed by the former champ.

These items are simply the tip of the iceberg for many one of-a-kind-items.  They represent the power of this family. Whitehead and his connections in this business have come together to assist a part of this family that many fight fans have never heard of.

Regardless of her anonymity within this business, Becca has become a focus for some of the biggest stars in this business.  And together their power as superstars will in turn become the catalyst to push these efforts in her name over the top and get her where she needs to be.

Usually it is the fan supporting the fighter as they step into the cage and fight their fight. Now it is the fighter turning it around and supporting the fan as she steps into the unknown and fights her fight.

Join them won’t you.

For more information or to send donations please contact X-1 Sports and Fitness

C/O Mike Whitehead.

3904 E Grant Road Tucson AZ 85712


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