Breaking Up Is Always Hard...even If It's Brett Favre

Eric ValcinContributor IDecember 30, 2008

When the Jets cut Chad Pennington and acquired Brett Favre it was like breaking up with your old, solid, but unspectacular girlfriend for a hot exciting sexy girl. This was supposed to be "the one." This was supposed to make all the other past relationships worth it.

After getting coal for their holiday gifts, Jets fans are forced to look at the facts.

·         22 touchdowns and 22 Ints.

·         The last six weeks of the season Brett Favre had thrown two touchdown and nine ints, those numbers for the year, and for the end of the season aren’t going to cut it.

·         SEVEN pro bowlers, and two of whom are running backs (although Leon Washington is a specialist).

·         0-3 when they went on the west coast.

·         The pass defense was ranked in the bottom five. Even though the recently fired head coach’s specialty was defense, specifically the defensive backfield, and the pass defense was porous at best.

With a big off season last year it seems that the team is in good position for a run next year. Besides not having a head coach, the biggest issue is does the team bring back Brett. I was all for bringing him back, but after hearing safety Kerry Rhodes say “If he’s willing to do what we do, come in for off season training and work out with us, and be a part of us then yes we would want him back.”

If one of the Jets leaders who has been with the team for four seasons feels this way, it seems Brett has lost the locker room. He was never really a part of the team, he was brought in a month before the season and was going to be there for a possible maximum of one season.

In the NFL a team that doesn’t turn the ball over, or turns it over less then the other team has an 80 percent chance of winning the game. With two touchdowns, nine ints, if the other team committed zero turnovers over the last six weeks the jets were already at a minus seven in the turnover category. The turnovers that Favre was committing had put the Jets in a hole.

If you look at the successful teams this year, or the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl, you don’t necessarily need a superstar at quarterback, you need someone who will manage the game. You need someone to hand the ball off to the running backs, capitalize of field position by getting points (touchdowns or field goals), and keep the other team off the field letting your defense succeed. That’s the recipe for success in the NFL.

So whether it’s Brett, Matt Cassel, Donovan McNabb, Kellen Clemens, or whoever else, that’s the way the Jets need to go, no matter who they hire as coach. Until the Jets hire a coach, they’re in limbo. That’s the first thing they need to address before they decide to bring Brett back.

We all know how this goes, Favre will wait a few months and make his decision to retire, then give some hint that he wants to come back. Whoever the new coach is, needs to get an answer before the draft and free agency begins. This is yet another long winter for Jets fans, but the management made a step in the right direction by letting Eric Mangini go. I feel the relationship has gotten to the point that a breakup is needed. It's time for the Jets to tell Brett "it's not you, it’s me.”