Drew McIntyre: Mr. McMahon's Chosen One? I Do Not Think So...

Jessica Eberle@Bookjunkie87Contributor IIIDecember 16, 2011

When Scottish superstar Drew McIntyre appeared on the WWE scene he made quite an impact. Drew was hand-picked by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and quickly gained the nickname “The Chosen One." He had acquired the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison with ease at TLC 2009.

When WrestleMania 26 was arriving, the qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank Ladder match were starting. McIntyre was placed in a few matches and was unsuccessful. Thus he did not qualify for the matches. Then through threats to GM Teddy Long, Drew received a match against an unsigned wrestler and qualified for the MITB Ladder match with the help of Mr. McMahon.

Since the WWE Draft in 2010, which sent McIntyre to Raw, we have not seen much of "The Chosen One." Perhaps it was his short "romantic" storyline with Kelly Kelly that destroyed his character or the fact that WWE "Creative" has their eyes and minds set upon their "golden few." (Credit goes to Wade Barrett for that name).

If I remember correctly, McIntyre has appeared on the weekly Internet show WWE Superstars. That is basically a show for the unfortunate few that the company seems to have no use for. McIntyre has also been in some battle royals only to be eliminated, and nobody really knew he was there.

This year’s Tribute to the Troops found him in a match against the Great White Sheamus. Although the match was short, he still received some in-ring competition and camera time. Drew may not be one of the fan’s favorites, but he is talented.

McIntyre, like some of the others, left his family in another country to pursue his dream in the WWE. The least the company could do is leave their personal issues alone and allow him to compete.

Drew McIntyre is a talented and menacing force that the WWE has seemingly forgotten. Although many of us may never know we still wonder: What happened to Drew McIntyre?