January 2nd, 2012: Did Chris Jericho Give Away His Return?

Jordan MatthewsAnalyst IIIDecember 18, 2011

In case you've been living under a rock in the last month or so, the WWE has been airing mysterious promos featuring a little boy writing about the end of the world, alluding to a former star returning.

The two main candidates for the promos have been The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. While the Undertaker is set to return to build a match for Wrestlemania, the general belief is that the promos are for Jericho, and that the Undertaker is only possible as a backup plan.

Jericho, of course, denies the claims, which does make it a little harder for fans to believe...as it should be...

Yet in all of Jericho's recent reactions to any and all things related to the WWE, he may have finally slipped up.

Chris Jericho was recently asked on his Twitter account what he thought of Kane returning with his mask. Jericho only replied: "Dont have any cos i dont care. @sameoldsh##"

Regardless of falling outs that have been rumored between Jericho and the WWE (which I firmly believe are planted stories), anybody who has followed Jericho during his career knows he wouldn't disrespect a fellow superstar and, more importantly, a friend.

Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but I've never seen Jericho diss a friend like that, and especially not somebody like Kane, who is one of the cornerstones of the locker room.

This is just another of many pieces of evidence proving that, on Jan. 2, Jericho will make his return to the WWE.

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