WWE News: A Name Was Revealed in Last Night's Cryptic "Prophetless" Video

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIDecember 20, 2011

Many people, including myself, believed that WWE decided not to give the rumored big hint at last night's RAW.

Well, you can officially throw that belief out the window. The WWE actually reveal a name in the video.

According to Wrestlenewz.com:

The notebook that was featured in the January 2 mystery person(s) teaser video appears to have the name “Chris” crossed out.

This could obviously be for Chris Jericho or a swerve with the goal of making viewers believe it’s for Jericho.

Near the end of the video, the notebook gets pushed to the ground by the girl. As the viewer get's a close-up on the notebook, you can actually see "Chris" crossed out. Because the close-up is only for a couple of seconds, it is a good idea to pause it at that scene.

This could be a swerve done by the WWE creative team, but I personally think it was done to signal Jericho's return.

My money is on Chris Jericho returning January 2nd, 2012.

I will post more as the story develops.

Stay tuned.


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