Tom Williams Yale: Rhodes Scholarship Fib Latest Embarrassment for CFB Coaches

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIDecember 21, 2011

Tom Williams, Yale Bulldogs head football coach, resigned on Wednesday while being investigated to determine whether he lied on his resume about being a Rhodes Scholarship candidate while attending Stanford in 1992.

If it is determined that he lied on his resume, it is just another colossal embarrassment for college football coaches across the country.

"I considered the opportunity, sought advice and was encouraged to apply by faculty members and my coach Bill Walsh, but I did not apply," he said.

He says that he was encouraged to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship. Well, Mr. Williams, almost applying and actually being a candidate are two completely different matters.

Isn’t he supposed to be held at the highest standard as the head coach of a football program?

This is completely unacceptable.

The whole outlook on college football coaches looks awful right now and rightfully so. From the whole fiasco at State College, Pennsylvania to Todd Graham leaving yet another team hostage, college football has been an absolute joke in terms of coaches who are supposed to be father figures.

Coaches say one thing and do the opposite. They preach integrity and commitment, but bail when they have the slightest opportunity to go elsewhere. I understand that a few coaches are making the whole landscape look horrible, but hey, that’s life.

Did Yale even look deep into Williams before hiring him?

He detailed that he was on the San Francisco 49ers practice squad, but that was also a lie because he never signed with the team.

"During the spring of my senior year, I was given an opportunity to attend a tryout camp with the San Francisco 49ers, and I participated in that three-day event. I did not sign a free-agent contract with the 49ers or participate in their summer training camp for signed players," he said in the AP report.

Does that make you on the roster if you never signed with the team? Give me a break.

This whole situation would have never even been brought up if Patrick Witt didn’t decide to use his football coach as a reference when he decided to go for his Rhodes interview or play against Harvard. This would have never been out in the public.

What a shame.

Williams should be ashamed to lie on his resume. Not only has he darkened his name for his career, but he puts a negative stamp on the great university of Yale.