Dutch Cup Video: Watch Wild Fan Send KNVB Beker Clash into Chaos

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2011

Wednesday's KNVB Beker cup clash between AZ Alkmaar and Ajax was called off before halftime when an unruly fan charged onto the pitch toward AZ goalkeeper Esteban, who wasn't about to take any chances as he beat down the pitch invader.

A video of the incident and its aftermath is embedded above.

The chaos starts with less than 10 minutes until the break when the fan makes a beeline past security and in the direction of Esteban. Both men jump at the same time in an attempt to kick each other, which is a battle the football player wins. Go figure.

After the trespasser crumbles to the turf, Esteban continues to go on the offensive. He kicks the fan twice before the stadium police finally arrive on the scene to apprehend the fan.

But that was just the beginning.

Just when it appeared everything was ready to settle down, referee Bas Nijhuis gives Esteban a red card for his actions. Even though the extra kicks were probably unnecessary, it's hard to blame somebody for defending themselves when a possible lunatic is coming their way.

The decision obviously upsets AZ boss Gertjan Verbeek, who decides to pull his players off the field because of what he probably deemed unsafe playing conditions. No decision has been made in regards to finishing the match.

While nobody was seriously injured during this incident, fans running on the field during sporting events is always a worrisome situation. The players never know if the person is just looking for their 15 minutes of fame or, like in this case, actually going after somebody.

Thankfully there seems to be a decline in on-field incidents in recent years as teams begin to take more measures to prevent them. Today showed they haven't been totally eliminated, however.

Should the game continue at some point in the future, it will pick up with Ajax leading 1-0. Interestingly enough, both teams' next scheduled league game is against each other next month.