Colts Beat Texans in Dramatic Fashion: Some Indy Fans Dissapointed

Chase SummersCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 22:  Peyton Manning  #18 of the Indianapolis Colts celebrates after the final play of the Colts 19-16 victory over the Houston Texans in the NFL at Lucas Oil Stadium at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 22, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

People disappoint me sometimes. Specifically the people who want their team to lose to a division rival and only win one game so they can get a good draft pick.


You say you love your team? You cheer for them, you are crushed when they lose, you defend them in the comment sections of sports sites. How on earth can you be disappointed they won? How can you be disappointed your under-talented team beat a top 10 NFL team?

The Colts pulled one of the best upsets of the year on a miraculous two-minute drive and showed a lot of heart and a never say die attitude.

For goodness sake, one of the biggest stars in Colt's history caught the game winning pass and it might be his last ever home game as a member of the team. But some Colts fans want to complain because they want Andrew Luck so bad that they dare not take any risks that they might not get him.

The Colts are tied with the Rams and Vikings for the worst record in football. The Rams and the Vikings probably won't win another game, but the Colts might. They play a bad Jacksonville team that is worse than both the teams they have won against. So, yes, they could very well win. But the Colts are still a bad team, in fact I think Jacksonville wins against the Colts.

Also the Rams and Vikings don't need a quarterback. They could very possibly just take two non-quarterbacks and leave the Colts to take Luck. Sure the Redskins might try to trade up over the Colts and take Luck, but the Colts could just equal or better the offer.

Plus the Colts could trade Manning. He is a much more valuable asset than anything the Redskins have. The Colts could kill the controversy right there and get their QB of the future.

Most importantly though, you should never cheer against your team. You play to win, not for draft position. Any Colts fan who is not excited about last night should be ashamed.