MLB Baseball: Should There Be a Salary Cap?

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IApril 5, 2017

Enough is enough already with the Yankee's buying an All-Star team every year.  At least that's my point of view.  Nothing was more gratifying than seeing the Tampa Bay Rays make it to the World Series last year with like a 10th of the Yankees payroll.  MLB has become a circus. 

Pretty much if a player is in his last year of his contract and has a monster year, the Yankees are going to sweep in and get him.  It really isn't any fun to watch.  Teams like the Braves, Brewers, and Twins struggle each year to try and keep up. 

They have to rely on young talent to come up make the plays.  Some get lucky enough for this to work out, like it did for Tampa last year.  However let Evan Longoria become a free agent.  The Yankees will come in and offer him money that no sane person would refuse.

One cannot blame these players for taking what these teams with a lot of money can give them, however.  But kudos to the Angels for saying, no Mark Teixeira we will not pay you enough money to be a God.  Some see this as being cheap, but I see it as being reasonable.  After all, it is just a game. 

These guys are not super heroes that the World depends on their existence.  Some will say its the owners money let them spend what they want.  That is true, however it does take away form the purity of the game. 

If some team that has been trying to build a franchise the old fashioned way keeps getting pounded by a bought World Series team then what fun is that to watch.  There is no competitiveness.  Case in point with the 1997 Florida Marlins.  They was not able to keep all those All-Stars for more than one year.

As a kid I dreamed of playing in the NFL.  It was never the dream of making $160M dollars over eight years that made me want such a thing.  It was the dream of doing something I love for the rest of my life.  Thanks to some millionaire with tons of money waving $100M dollar contract in front of these players faces the joy of the game is lost. 

Instead of thriving to get their team as far as possible, they are worried about a .300, 35HR, 100RBI season.  MLB is losing the team concept, when in fact it is team sport.  Please bring back the passion in baseball.  A salary cap couldn't hurt.