Legendary Chicago Basketball "Godfather" Mac Irvin Passes Away

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIDecember 24, 2011

Photo via Chicago Newscoop.com
Photo via Chicago Newscoop.com

If one were to log onto Twitter in the United States and even more specifically Chicago, the trending topic on Christmas Eve would be "Mac Irvin."

Mac Irvin was a former employee for Xerox, who took his love for the game of basketball to another level by starting the Mac Irvin Fire. His basketball team would quickly become renowned all across the basketball sphere with a sponsorship from Nike. He was one of the pioneers who transformed the reputation of Chicago basketball to what it is today. 

The impact that this man had on the basketball universe could be felt after he lost a long battle with diabetes. Damon Jones of the Miami Heat tweeted, "my condolence goes out to the IRVIN FAMILY!MAC was a super dude and did alot for our youth with his aau program!". 

It would be players like Jones that would be graced with an opportunity to work with "The Godfather" over the summer in their respective high school years. Recently, players like Jermaine Morgan have come out and said that they owe their college presence and success to Mac Irvin. It's not an understatement to say that the ground, on which Chicago basketball is played, has been shaken by this loss. 

Irvin leaves behind a wife with seven children and eight grandchildren. Most of his children have taken up after Mac Irvin and been involved with basketball programs in one way or another, whether it is on the high school or professional level.