1. John Calipari Says He Won't Coach DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis on Pelicans

    With DeMarcus Cousins heading to New Orleans , John Calipari had an inkling there might be rumors he'd leave the University of Kentucky for the Pelicans job. Calipari took time out Monday to squash those rumors before they could even start...

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  2. John Calipari on Coaching Extreme Talent, One-and-Dones and His All-NBA Team

    An amazing thing about sports is how reputations stick, no matter how dated they've become. In seven-plus years at Kentucky, John Calipari has made four Final Fours, won a national ...

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  3. Updated Player of the Year Rankings for College Basketball in 2016-17

    The 2017 NCAA tournament is only a month away, which means time is running out for the nation's top players to get themselves in position to be player of the year...

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  4. Overhyped NCAA Basketball Freshmen Not Yet Ready for the NBA

    Freshmen are the lifeblood of college basketball, an annual infusion of talent that replenishes the losses that come each year through graduation and early departure to the NBA...

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  5. Kansas vs. Kentucky Showcasing Two Coaching Legends Who Are Willing to Adapt

    John Calipari posted a video back in April that showed him exercising while watching the 2012 national championship game between Kansas and Kentucky...

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  6. Scout: Calipari Talks Kentucky Win over Gamecocks Including Injury Updates

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