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  • logan kulas posted 2013 days ago

    logan kulas

    You sure do love LA and Kobe's 81 points the most unbreakable record ever I love the guy but it's got to be Wilt's 100 point game

  • W Chambers posted 2571 days ago

    W Chambers

    Just a follow up:
    I wrote these two articles 4 months ago about the heat.
    People bashed me in the comments, including you. Look at the things I predict, it hasnt been edited or anything.

  • lola lola posted 2587 days ago

    lola lola
  • Jon Benton posted 2801 days ago

    Jon Benton

    Not makin fun of you or anything, but For Most Unbreakable Sports Record on your bio, Kobe doesn't even have the record.

  • Terrell White posted 2809 days ago

    Terrell White


    My article is not basketball related but I wanted to know if you had any thought on the nature of the topic. If you have a sec. please give it a read and let me know what you think.



  • DeRod Hafford posted 2818 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    You have a horrible basketball IQ

  • DeRod Hafford posted 2820 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    Kobe career playoff stats 25ppg 5.0rpg 4.7apg 1.4spg 0.7 FG 44.7% FT 81% 2.9 TO's

    Dirk career playoff stats 25.5ppg 11rpg 2.6apg 1.2spg 1bpg FG 45.4% FT 88% 2.1 TO's

  • DeRod Hafford posted 2820 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    Dirk is 2nd behind only LeBron in most 4th quarter points. Notice how the Mavs have 2 players on the list

    CLE James 7.4 .460
    Nowitzki 6.9 .434 (4th quarter and OT freethrows 137-142 96.5%)
    DEN Anthony 6.6 .482
    POR Roy 6.7 .476
    SAC Landry 6.4 .594
    Terry 6.1 .483 (gets most of his points off Dirk when teams overplay him)
    IND Granger 5.7 .375
    Since 2005-
    06, Nowitzki owns the most game-winners (put team ahead for good in final 2 seconds) of any player in the NBA.

  • DeRod Hafford posted 2821 days ago

    DeRod Hafford

    C Dampier: 5.0ppg 6.7rpg 1.2bpg (playoffs)

    SG Stackhouse: 13ppg 40%fg played in 55 games 28mpg

    PG Harris: 9.4ppg (playoffs) played in 55 games 22mpg

    SF Howard:15.5ppg played 59 games

    PG/SG Terry:17ppg can't get his own shot and lives off of Dirk double teams

    G/FMarquis Daniels 6.5ppg (playoffs) 62 games

    C DeSagana Diop 2.4ppg 4.5rpg 18mpg
    LMAO,,,,This is help, a bunch of average guys who missed almost 30 games that season?
    This is the team that Dirk took to the NBA finals even tho they lost 4-2 they lost 3 games by a total of 6 points

    note: Dirk NBA postseason-season leader, Minutes Played 2006 (982)

    oh yeah the Mavs are 11-0 in 1 point games
    my turnover theory is solid James has cost his team at least 108 points more than Dirk has in just 60 games this year Dirk gets his teammates easy shots while Kobe takes most of the teams shots and doesn't get his teammates as involved nor get them as good of looks than Dirk does and Kobe only averages 2 more assist than Dirk Which is why he scored 39 points and lost because he took too many shots because he is a ball hog with a giant ego which is why Shaq left. plus Kobe missed 3 free throws and they lost by 3 points