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Hey everyone, my name is Dennis. I live in the suburbs of Philly. I'm first and foremost a Sergei Fedorov fan and I boldy follow him wherever he goes, but my favorite team is and always will be the Detroit Red Wings. I'm a huge hockey fan! I follow all teams and like to retain as much knowledge about the sport and players as I can and look forward to contributing some interesting articles and comments on this site. I hope you enjoy reading my material. I can be stubborn so beware! haha. If it's hockey you want to talk about, I'm the guy.

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  • Gabe D posted 3584 days ago

    Gabe D

    Thanks for the kind words Dennis!

  • Conor Hogan posted 3584 days ago

    Conor Hogan

    One thing you should know when you read my articles, is that I really like playing the devils advocate. My Ovechkin article is the perfect example. I don't actually believe that Sundin or Savard should have a shot at winning the MVP. What I was trying to do with that article was showing that their are other players who are just as important to their teams as Ovechkin is to his. With my Sundin article I was playing devils advocate on that one too (I'm devastated when we don't have Sundin). One last thing you should know when reading my articles, I'm Irish so I tend to exagerate to get my point accross. I like what you wrote in your Ovechkin article, I should change the blurb for my article and say 'Playing Devil's Advocate to Dennis Jeantet's article' lol!

  • Dennis Jeantet posted 3585 days ago

    Dennis Jeantet

    glad you liked my articles chris and thanks for the suggestion. i got D's in english class! haha. my articles were just edited and i think they fixed the long paragraphs.

  • Chris Finocchio posted 3585 days ago

    Chris Finocchio

    I liked your first two articles. Next time you might want to try using shorter paragraphs. It makes it a little easier for readers. Looking forward to reading more of your work,

  • Dennis Jeantet posted 3586 days ago

    Dennis Jeantet

    hey conor thanks for reading my articles, glad you liked them. As far as what your saying goes, I just feel that when you have the chance to win the cup, you take it. Let's be honest, Mats isn't a spring chicken anymore. he will play 1 maybe 2 years more, probably with toronto and again, to be honest they are not a cup contending team, so therefore he will almost certainly retire without winning the cup. He won't have to worry about knowing what it's like winning it with a team that he didn't start with because he choose not to experiment. Plus if a team wanted to trade for me, I wouldn't feel like a rental player, I would feel like the missing piece perhaps. In fact you would get more praise and recognition leading the new team to victory and be know as "the player that helped them win". I doubt Ray Bourque felt like a rental for the time he spent in Colorado, same as Brendan Shanahan. He put the Red Wings over the top that year and was certainly praised for being what the Red Wings needed to get over the hump. In anycase, everyone has their own opinion, and I value yours. Thanks for commenting and reading my articles, I'll try to post new ones often.

  • Conor Hogan posted 3586 days ago

    Conor Hogan

    I think you have good insight into hockey and I see what you mean in giving your pro's and cons to Mats staying. However I think you left out the most important argument for why he didn't go. Namely that of the journey of the entire season. As much as you would savour winning the cup as a rental player it's still not the same as winning with the team you started the season with. I'm sure you do appreciate this, but let me expand on this thought a bit. If the same player won the cup two straight years first as a rental then with one team start to finish, the player would savour the second time around much more than the first. Keep on writing really enjoyed your stuff!