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  • Robert Orzechowski posted 2613 days ago

    Robert  Orzechowski

    Hi Frankie
    I am moving my articles to my new comedy blog to

    Hope you check it out and drop me a line. Would be great to hear from you.

  • Xeno-philous F posted 2640 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    How have you been, Frankie?
    I was gone for a long and am back now.
    Here is my comeback piece. If you get a chance to read, let me hear what you think:
    Federer's Open Challenge to Nadal: Bring 'em on to DecoTurf

  • Luke Broadbent posted 2700 days ago

    Luke Broadbent

    Yeah, I don't blame you for not coming here often. I come on here, but rarely comment because most people are just talking nonsense that doesn;t even deserve a response. A year ago it was all Nadal-bashing, now its Federer-bashing. Why can't people just appreciate both?

    Yeah, I got the tickets through the ballot. I don't think I will try again next though because I think I will try and go to Roland Garros, so I doubt I will have the money to go to both.

    I think Federer will probably win a couple more, but he just doesn't seem as hungry and interested anymore, which is understandable.

    I think Rafa will beat Murray and Berdych will beat Djokovic.

    Some people have no idea what they are doing when they pick a date for a wedding.

  • Luke Broadbent posted 2700 days ago

    Luke Broadbent

    What with Federer's troubles I couldn't help thinking of you. (Yes, that does sound creepy.)

    I thought you might need consoling, but I can't really offer any words of comfort because I imagine he son't be winning many more majors now, but we all knew this time would come.

    I'm pretty gutted Roddick lost, with Federer out this could've been his year. I finally got to see Roddick live last Friday though, so I can't complain too much. Have you been this year?

  • reredeF0regoR posted 2747 days ago


    CRAZY, where do I find you?

  • Shikha posted 2779 days ago


    Old story... wrong timing to work it all up NOW ( -_-)

    (yesh, he looked hot though ^_^)

    Been long, Frankie. How's it goin?
    Too busy with college? ;)

  • Emma posted 2781 days ago


    Yeah, how've you been? You should start writing again (says she who hasn't published since January :P) :)

    The Shakira was, ahem, interesting (to say the least). I'll pretend I'm not insanely jealous ;-)

    Clay now...thank god...the red dirt is comforting :)

  • Rajat Jain posted 2842 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    You might like this.

  • reredeF0regoR posted 2850 days ago


    No words to .. I think I need a dictionary, out of this world. This world's terminology wouldn't measure.. I can not.. OMG! i..

  • Casper posted 2855 days ago


    Cant believe you never saw Mac play have never lived