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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3220 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Here's my first shot at a "soccer" article: Would love to hear your comments:

  • t willi posted 3265 days ago

    t willi

    oh PS! forgot this-- I applied to Tenn. so we'll see about that one..

  • t willi posted 3265 days ago

    t willi

    you're not the first to think there's a sport management/administration degree at the devil spawn school in tempe, but there really isn't. they have kinesiology which is more science based muscle movement, and parks and tourism management.. I just looked it up because I wanted to make sure I was still correct.

    I'd still never ever dream-for a nano second- of going there. I'd rather go to UNC.. well ANY school reasonable warm that ISN'T aswho. eww.

    Update though: I applied to 6 schools and got into Long Beach State so far. Gotta keep waiting (hopefully not longer than a month) until I receive word from the others.

    How are you doing? how's your sports teams doing lately?

  • Leon Wynn posted 3529 days ago

    Leon Wynn

    You're still writing next season. (More of a question) You damn well better be!

  • Tim Pollock posted 3578 days ago

    Tim Pollock


  • posted 3599 days ago

    HA HA HAAAAA.... Just catching up on Bleacher Report. I've been busy! But, going through past notes I see you had asked which sites I've been working on.

    Just finished one (have a few pages to finish up) for Oregon and Oregon State fans. It's called Civil War Sports (the rivalry game between these two is called the Civil War).

    The other two are actually being revamped from the ground up:

  • a posted 3621 days ago


    Thanks! I love the setup of this site. I'll definitely be sticking around.

  • Dave Finocchio posted 3628 days ago

    Dave Finocchio

    Thanks for the heads up, Robert. We're still working out a few kinks...but the site should be in good order by early next week.

  • t willi posted 3628 days ago

    t willi

    PS- Anthony had these AMAZING orange basketball shoes, orange sweatband and orange mouth guard that was overall amazing. :)

  • t willi posted 3628 days ago

    t willi

    i'm OBSESSED with the color orange. I do take into serious account the colors of a school when evaluating them. for example, it didn't take much thought to U of A because the colors are so classy and well, patriotic. They look good on anyone, much unlike ASU's UGLY UGLY color scheme.

    That's why I'm torn with the Suns- they have orange which is great.. but orange and PURPLE? really?

    I like tenneessee's colors for sure, but too much of it (like the entire orange tuxedo) in that exact shade reminds me of a giant bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

    Texas' orange is lovely, a little burnt and brownish at times, but I'll take it.

    Virginia's is a little darker, and definitely not their first color.

    Oregon State is good- it's a solid orange, not macaroni and not burnt.. and definitely not burnt macaroni because that would start to look like ASU. enough with that school.

    Okay, I could keep going, really. This could be quite the humorous article.

    In conclusion, orange is the greatest color out there.