Paul  Kotch

Paul Kotch


I started analyzing the NFL for ProFootballDigest in 2001. In 2005 I had the opportunity to help build a web site from the ground up with a respected analyst by the name of Mathew Prahl. Mathew started ProFootballNet.Com and we built a reputable staff. A great experience for me, but now it's time for something new. I've conducted player interviews including Peyton Manning, respected coaches including NFL training guru Tom Shaw, and love nothing more than to analyze football strategy. BleacherReport seems to be a good way for me to continue as an analyst while I find something more permanent.

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  • Farris Gunning posted 3180 days ago

    Farris Gunning

    Paul I like your style. I appriciate the comments also

  • Jeff Little posted 3362 days ago

    Jeff Little


    Thanks for your support, it is truly appreciated. You helped me become a better writer when writing was a new endeavor for me and I want to thank you for that as well. Have a Magnificent Monday.


  • Jeff Little posted 3363 days ago

    Jeff Little


    I'm in a contest to co-host a Radio show on a L.A. radio station and I'm in need of votes. Every contestant was given the directive to drop a two minute demo, I've done that and have advanced to the 5th round of the 7 round contest. The voting for this round starts on June2nd. The site to check me out is the contest is called "Fame & Fortune II" there is a Fame & Fortune II Vote Now banner on the site and I am in the 'L' bracket. I believe when you reach the site you need to scroll down and the discussed banner is mid page on the left side. Go to the site and check me out.


  • James Butters posted 3403 days ago

    James Butters

    thank you for your complements

  • Max Iascone posted 3411 days ago

    Max Iascone

    not a problem at all, it was a great piece. Admittedly, I thought you were going to tear belichick a new one judging from the headline but you did a good job comparing the two coaches despite their differences

  • Jeff Little posted 3417 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Paul you know I've got your back. I like your takes and enjoy talking football strategy with you.