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  • Johnny V posted 1679 days ago

    Johnny V

    Excellent CWS content J.P.!

  • Patrick Runge posted 1907 days ago

    Patrick Runge

    Crap. All that text and I forgot to paste the link. Friday.


  • Patrick Runge posted 1907 days ago

    Patrick Runge

    Here's the link for the Twitter button. You go here, signed in on your account, and copy the HTML code they give you on to the website. For B/R, I literally copy that stuff on to the end of my article. When it's published, the button appears. Once you put it in one, then you can just edit your previous post, copy the text with the button from that post, and paste it into the new article.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!

  • Andrew Steier posted 1948 days ago

    Andrew Steier

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the warning too. I'm definitely expecting to get some dissenting opinions once I actually write something remotely controversial about the Huskers. I got a little taste of that this week from Boise State fans who didn't particularly appreciate my criticism of their team's Thursday night performance. But hey, it's the argument that makes it fun.

  • Michael Walker posted 1957 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Thanks for the congratulations. I just commented on your article regarding Nebraska QBs, I hope you enjoy my viewpoint!

  • Robert Milller posted 1975 days ago

    Robert Milller

    I've read one article by you and realized you have a long way to go to become a journalist.

  • Stanley Yelnats posted 1991 days ago

    Stanley Yelnats

    you suck

  • Tmorgan Hayes posted 1998 days ago

    Tmorgan Hayes

    Nice hack article on Nebraska, How about putting up a place for comments, so huskers can rebut this very one sided opinion!

  • Michael Walker posted 2003 days ago

    Michael Walker

    J.P. let's first establish the fact that you are an accepted BR correspondent and I am a wannabe. You obviously spent a significant amount of time doing research for an article that started out as an idea. Considering the number of schools you had to screen through, I think your finished product is a quality article.

    The very title requires a certain amount of subjectivity on your part and I think you did a quality job. We disagree on the placement of two of the teams, but isn't that a thought provoking way to elicit comment? I have written previous articles which I worked very hard on, were timely, and should have provoked serious debate.

    Unfortunately I submitted them to a site with only 25 registered readers. No one commented! I envy what you have accomplished. I will be watching for your work at BR and I promise to submit an honest comment for each one.

  • Jim Militano posted 2040 days ago

    Jim Militano

    JP how can you say you look at things objectively when if you look at the comments written in reponse to your article it should prove you left out way to much information to be able to still refer to yourself at objective. It says your a a Pats and Celts fan, let me give you anexample of what I mean. Let's use the NBA as an example, I'm a huge Knicks fan and today we just recieved good news on Lin and Novack winning the case for there Bird rights. That will allow the Knicks to be alot better next year since they now can bring in some veteran fA's in addition to sigining Lin and novack. The first thing to shoot for is winning the Atlantic, with the Celtics getting older and the possibility of the big 3 getting broken up I could easily write the Atlantic is the Knicks to lose. That's me being a Knicks fan, but I am objective and the Knicks winning the Atlantic is a possibility I still think until they knock Boston off we can't say anything, and I can also say that while te big 3 have been great having Bass, Rondo, resigning Green and the other guard who is a great defender (his name escapes me) and still having pierce with a couple of the other young player coming back and Garnett being as loyaol as he is that he'll probably come back too inn addition I believe they have 2 picks in the first round proves that the celtics might be back in the conf. finals with a chance to move on. Do I like admitting that? am I confident in my knicks? yes but tht doesn't mean I just write the Celtics are older and Garnett and Allen are gonna retir or leave and they have nobody left when that's not true. Does what I'm saying make some sense? I don't care if you write something that isn't pro my team I just want for both sides of the discussion to be heard in your article especially if the author claims to be objective, like TT you didn't mention the positive influence he brings but yet you were stressing the turmoil in the locker room and even the fact that bringing in competition for Sanchez could bring out the best in him especially since that's what usually happens with bringing in competition for any positions. How objective does that look? It says your college educated so I know your capable enough to put out a better more researched article. I'm from NY too and you know that being from NY more is expected from you, not about your team loyalty but about what you put out. both of the next seasons for the Pats and Jets and the Knics and Celtics will be very interesting so I hope to see more articles from you. have a good weekend. I hope you living in Nebraska now means your at least a Yankee fan rooting for Joba Chamberlain. At least we both like Big 10 football.