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My names Ricky, when it comes to the NFL, I am a Raiders fan. I also like to watch FIFA futbol so I like the USA team and the Panama teams since Im half Panamanian, half American. My favorite NBA team is the Celtics. I rarely ever write about the teams I like though.

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  • Long gone posted 1662 days ago

    Long gone


  • Ryan Michael posted 3164 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This is my exclusive interview with Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver, Roy Hall. Without question, having been able to conduct this interview with Roy has been my greatest work here on Bleacher Report to date. Find out what Roy has to say about his football career, the players he's worked with, and what we can expect from the Colts in 2009...


    Any feedback you might have would be of the utmost value.

    Hope you enjoy the Interview,
    -Ryan Michael

  • John McCurdy posted 3223 days ago

    John McCurdy

    Haha, alright. I hear what you're saying. I'll keep an eye on your stuff as it comes out, man.

  • Special X posted 3225 days ago

    Special X


  • John McCurdy posted 3226 days ago

    John McCurdy

    Sorry man, I just assumed it was supposed to be a joke when you said Herm had led the Chiefs to "season after season" of winning records; didn't he only have one in three years?