Chris Burton

Chris Burton


1410 WING-AM, Dayton's ESPN Radio affiliate
Capital University, 2004
Wright State University, 2007

I've seen 14 of the 30 MLB teams and 13 of the 30 NHL teams in person. I've also been inside seven Major League stadiums.

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  • Nathan Bitner posted 3262 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Don't even pay attention to the idiots that posted on your article. There's a guy, "Bob", who posted on mine, who at least is having a reasoned debate.

    Go ahead and flag "Chris"' comment as "offensive"; I already have. Both of our articles probably ended up on a Dayton message board somewhere (and I apologize for covering so much of the same ground -- I hadn't seen your article when I wrote mine!). It's sad that so many of them make their school look so bad by weak, anonymous attacks.

    And I'm impressed you had the guts to post that article before the Xavier game, as well.

    Dayton may make the tournament, but a one-point win over 3-17 Fordham -- which is a habit and a trend, not an anomaly -- has them circled on my bracket for a first-round exit.

    If they make it in (which they would now, of course).