Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton


I work for a sports based company that is actually affiliated with Bleacher Report! I have to keep in the loop for all things Sports...even some sports that I don't consider Sports...

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  • Amber Lee posted 2015 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey Chris! Thanks so much for fanning me on here—I truly appreciate the support. I also see you're a Reggie Miller fan...which seriously makes my freaking day. He is one of my favorite people in the history of the planet. The 30 for 30 about that series between the Pacers and the Knicks was straight up one of the most epic things ever on television.

    Anyway! I hope you'll follow me on Twitter (@Blamberr) and keep in touch. I get a little bogged down with b/r messages and writing and all that, but I'm great with Twitter for the most part...I say great on the sliding scale of competence expected of writers. :)