I've been a working journalist since 2006 covering everything from crime to MLB. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan and a lover of baseball in general. The highlight of my career was covering the 2011 World Series. Having the chance to cover the same team I've watched since I was a young boy win a World Series will always be a special memory. I've covered each postseason since my first.

As of 2013, I work as a Cardinals Writer/Columnist for The Daily Statesman. I am also a regular contributor to StLSportsPage.com, KSDK.com and semoball.com. In short, my Cardinals coverage is now the central focus of my day job. I also host a weekly Cardinals chat throughout the year. Check it out at http://dailystatesman.com/baseballchat/.

To read more of my work, visit http://www.dailystatesman.com/blogs/coreynoles/ and read my daily baseball column Balls & Strikes. Follow me on Twitter @coreynoles or on Facebook at http://http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cardinals-Chatter-with-Corey/152908614773196

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  • Kerry Walls posted 1418 days ago

    Kerry Walls

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Corey. Where in St. Louis did you grow up?

  • T M Loves Sports posted 1486 days ago

    T M Loves Sports

    Merry Christmas Corey.

  • Dark Sole posted 1670 days ago

    Dark Sole

    You may or may not know me from Semoball. I will let you try to figure it out. But, I love your work Corey!

  • Ryan Marshall posted 1762 days ago

    Ryan Marshall

    Hi Corey,
    I'm a huge life-long Cardinals fan and I really enjoy your work. I have a question for you. Being that Lance Lynn is struggling and the Cardinals have six starting pitchers on their big league squad, any chance that Miller and Kelly start in the rotation and Lynn goes to the bullpen to work out his issues before returning to the rotation? I know the idea is kind of out there, but if he's still trying to get a feel for his new physique, why not have him take his time and work out his issues in the bullpen since we have the luxury of having an extra starting pitcher on the team. Just an idea. Let me know what you think.

  • Andrew Nichols posted 1785 days ago

    Andrew Nichols

    Love your work Corey. Man its a great time to be a Cards fan

  • Josh Kester posted 1846 days ago

    Josh Kester

    Read your post about the Cards' projected batting order for 2013. I've been reading Bleacher Report faithfully for the first time this past season and have found very few articles that show true insight into the Cardinals. I think your article fits into that category. Way to go and keep cheering on the game's best team of the country's best sport!

  • Jux Berg posted 1923 days ago

    Jux Berg

    What is it about your Cardinals? Every hitter that comes up grinds out at-bats, uses the whole field, and adjusts with two strikes. It's insane. I wrote about how the Reds hitters (besides Votto) are the exact opposite. Curious as to your take on this. Thanks.


  • Will Grapperhaus posted 2011 days ago

    Will Grapperhaus

    Was gonna offer my congrats on making FC status...then I saw you were a real writer so, nevermind! ;)

  • Robert Knapel posted 2026 days ago

    Robert  Knapel

    Thanks for becoming a fan Corey

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2046 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Corey! Also, terrific coverage of the Cards, I especially like piece on how their bullpen is costing them wins. Sounds like covering them last season was a blast. I can only hope I get to do the same for my Dodgers!

    Thanks again.