Daniel Muth

Daniel Muth


Born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan, I grew up a fierce Detroit and Michigan State sports fan. Part of this was induced because of my environment (my family supported those teams), but I always tended to be little more geared up for a game, more elated in victory, and more devastated in defeat. And because I often rooted for losing teams (Football in particular), I was able to develop a fairly unbiased eye in evaluating them. It doesn't make you any less of a fan if you're able to admit that your team needs to work on some things, that it's not always the refs, that the other team didn't play dirty, that sport is just sport after all. This doesn't make you less passionate, only more reasonable. My life and work have taken me far away from Michigan over the years, and though I've gone to college at different schools, and resided in different geographies, I still remain fervently true to my roots. I've never gotten too excited about any other teams. Call it some crazy loyalty complex.

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  • Stephen Sonneveld posted 1994 days ago

    Stephen Sonneveld

    Hi Daniel. I saw that you posted a comment to one of the articles regarding racist team names. If you're passionate about the subject, I invite you to read: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1277542-nfl-celebrates-80-years-of-disparagement-with-washington-redskins

  • rita love posted 2060 days ago

    rita love

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  • jerseyshot jerseyshot posted 2247 days ago

    jerseyshot jerseyshot

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  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2298 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    What a game!


    Let me know what you think!

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2320 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Here is a Beer Thinker article on the Detroit Lions:


    See ya!

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2614 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Does Jim Schwarz have the "IT" factor? Tell me what you think!


  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2677 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Lions have moved on, it's time the fans did as well:


  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2692 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Finally found something worth while to write about. What do you think?

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2716 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    Yes...this is the reason why from Dave Morrison:

    Hey Seattle Lion Fan,

    Dave Mo here—B/R’s Community Coordinator.

    Your community article, Detroit Lions Page: Are You Happy with the Changes? has been moved to the community forum.

    You can find it here:


    We have a new editorial policy that no longer allows this form of content on the network. To read the full explanation of this policy please visit here:


    Thank you very much for your community submission!


    Dave Mo

    I replied that in other words, he's stifiling free speech.

    I think my days are numbered here.

  • John Doublin posted 2797 days ago

    John Doublin

    If you get time, check this out and leave a comment.