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Live in Iowa, so sports are a huge part of my time. With no real pro team close. Just have to pick and chose. I have been a Packer, Flyer, Cubs/Braves, Irish, Hawkeye/Cyclone, UT Vols and NASCAR fan since I can remember. Making many trips up to Green Bay to catch the Pack. Also make time to catch the I-Cubs and local USHL Des Moines Bucs. I have been told its just a game! Just a game, than why are you watching if it is just a game. I work at stressful job. So those few hours I can let go and lose myself with one of my teams I do! They didn't lose we lost and get fired up for the next one.
What? "Over"?
Did you say "over"?
Nothing's over until we decide it is!
Was it over when the Germans
bombed Pearl Harbor?
Hell, no!
And it ain't over now.
'Cause when the going gets tough...
the tough get going! Who's with me?
Let's go! Come on! - Animal House

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