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  • Abz posted 1273 days ago


    No probs. It was for the World Cup. Sadly they don't do one for the pl.

    So, what'd you make of the Ander Herrera buy? Do you rate the guy?
    And Shaw?

  • Abz posted 1318 days ago


    Hey, PM me your email address, I want to invite you to the BR challenge cup. A mini league, just for us United fans :)

  • Abz posted 1444 days ago


    For the first time this season (ever in fact) I can't see us getting top 4.

    Moyes says we were unlucky, and the conditions suited Stoke but we cannot keep making excuses. When 8-9 of your players walk into the oppositions team with ease, you should get a result and not blame other factors.

    Moyes made some stupid calls. Putting Welbeck on, when Jones was injured? And then putting him in the hole/up front? What a waste of a substitute.
    He should've put Fletcher on, and then leave Rooney up front. Wayne would've at least buried one of the glaring chances Welbeck skied over the bar.

    And wow, Tom Cleverley... Don't even get me started on him. How is he still starting for us?! Absolute disgrace. Him and Evra meant that we started the game with 9 men.

    If Liverpool win today, I can't see us getting anything other than 5th place this season and that's a massive blow! People say we can still attract top talent but I'm not sure about that. And the amount of money we lose out is just insane.

    We've got 14 games left, with 40 points on the table. Roughly we need to win 10 more games and with Everton (away), City, Arsenal (away), Liverpool (home), So'ton (away), and some other relatively tricky ones like Newcastle (away), I just cannot see it anymore.

    What'd you think?

  • Abz posted 1450 days ago


    Hahaha. Legend.

  • Abz posted 1450 days ago


    I feel the same way, we need to get this done asap. Rooney is just too important to let go, so we must pay him whatever he wants. Moyes has allowed him to go on warm weather training, he's giving him a lot of cash and he'll probably make him captain soon too, so he's doing whatever it takes to keep Wayne happy!

    Shaw would be great but a lot of money!

    Oh and about Gundogan I'm having second thoughts, he keeps getting injured. Out for another few months now. That means he's played 4 games since 2012.

    Anyways, I really hope Mata and Rooney start, I hate it when players come off the bench for a debut, there's literally no point and hardly any time for them to make an impact.

    I'd go for this team tomorrow:


    Valencia Smalling* Evans Evra

    Fletcher Cleverley**

    Young*** Rooney**** Mata


    * Smalling had such a good game vs Sunderland, all those headers he won really impressed me and he was the reason why we didn't concede more than the one goal. Rio could play, but fortunately Moyes seems to prefer other defenders.

    ** Carrick is out, and that leaves us with Fletcher, Clevs and Jones. Jones looked so sloppy in the last few games and I'd like to see him go back to CB but not yet since Smalling looked good recently, and Evans is our main man at the back.

    *** Young played well in the first half vs Chelsea and I see him starting, in a narrow role on the right. Mata on the other side, they both offer different things and it'll be fun to see the different styles trying to break Cardiff's defence down.

    **** Rooney is back now, surely? He hasn't played since New Year's Day and Moyes has kept saying "he'll be back soon" blah blah blah, but it's been 26 days now sort it out!

    ***** Hernandez got really tired in the last game but added more the side than Welbeck did and now that he has had 7 days off he needs to start, unless we decide to put Rooney up front and play someone like Adnan or Kagawa in midfield.

    Who do you think will play?

  • First Name posted 1452 days ago

    First Name

    Moyes was apparently scouting Kroos too, that would be a January to remember if he can pull that one off, things are on the up!!

  • First Name posted 1452 days ago

    First Name

    We've signed Mata!! What a signing, from Moyes! What do you think of the signing? And rumours are going around that Rooney is close to a new five-year deal

  • Abz posted 1452 days ago



    Yeah buzzing about Rooney signing a new deal :D Hopefully he gets the captains armband next year.

    Good point about the changing style.This Mata deal means that we might play a more fluid formation with interchangeability and it signals the end for Young, Valencia, Cleverley and other stagnant players who suit 4-4-2 and wing play. FINALLY we can move on with the rest of Europe. I just don't see Shinji part of the first team plans though, which is a shame really.

    We need a new number 3, 5, 7, 8, and 11. And now Mata is signed I think he'll be number 7. Adnan can be promoted to number 11 next year. We need to sign a good LB(3), a top CM(8), and an experienced CB(5).

    My pick would be Coentrao, Mangala and Gundogan for the summer.


  • Abz posted 1453 days ago


    Agreed, Moyes' tactics were actually shambolic vs Sunderland.

    So happy we bought Mata, absolutely amazing signing! Some might say it's a panic buy but it's a bloody good panic buy if you ask me!

    37m is a lot of money but Rooney, Mata, RVP can destroy any defence. No doubt about that.
    We got Arsenal's best player and now arguably Chelsea's best player.

    Yeah he's not going to fix all the problems, but he's certainly going to make a huge difference.

    MataRooney Valencia

    That front 4 apart from Valencia will give our opponents nightmares. Moyes loves Valencia but honestly I'd pick Adnan over him even on the right. Narrow wingers should be a must especially with Mata coming in. At least until July, depending on Rooney staying or not.

    What do you think?

  • Abz posted 1456 days ago


    It's not just your email, I've stopped receiving emails all together from Bleacher Report!
    Well RVP returned to training yesterday so hopefully he's on his way back in a week or so. As for Rooney, apparently he's 50/50 for the C1 cup game so that's good news.

    I agree that we're not good enough to beat City and Arsenal away, but Liverpool at home is a possibility. They played quite a strong side against us in the cup this season and we won thanks to Hernandez's goal. Everton away is a tricky one, think we can get a point there. With R&R we should be fine though, hopefully we can win 2 of the four and draw one :)

    I see us overtaking Everton and Spurs in a month or so, but Liverpool is the tough one. To get 4th we need to beat Liverpool at OT, and hope they drop points at home vs the other big teams. I honestly think we can get 4th and get close to 3rd (Arsenal). But we're going to be well of Chelsea and City, despite what Michael Carrick said this week!