Ross Warner is a forty-two year-old freelancer who has contributed to a bunch of books and magazines that you could care less about. Before becoming a loving husband and doting father, Ross became a Charger fan at the impressionable age of seven. Like so many of his generation, Ross was sold on the Bolts after watching Dan Fouts and the rest of “Air Coryell.”

However, unlike most non-San Diegans, Ross vowed to ALWAYS BE A CHARGERS FAN. Despite never having lived anywhere but in the state of New York, he became even more dedicated as the Bolts went through a ten-year playoff drought. In 1994, as the Chargers were moving towards their first Super Bowl, a tagline from an upcoming film caught his eye. The movie was Tombstone. The slogan was “Justice Is Coming.”
Ross and the Chargers rode that mantra to Pittsburgh and Miami (despite maxing out his American Express to do so). After being snubbed in his attempts to improve the only publication covering his favorite ream, Chargers Football Weekly, he vowed to begin his own publication. Founded in 1995, “Justice” was what would now be classified as a blog. What it was and what it will always be is commentary on the Bolts filtered through the centrifuge that is one man’s brain.

That brain has been called many things, “a CD player on shuffle and repeat simultaneously” and “a blender mixing all things Chargers football and popular culture.” Most importantly, JUSTICE IS COMING represents the never-ending dedication of The Legion Of The Lightning Bolt and the belief that the Bolts will finally win it all. That belief has led Ross not only to every enemy stadium from Detroit eastward, but it also led him to Canton for a 2002 induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But JUSTICE IS COMING will always be for you, the FAITHFUL READER. A Chargers Super Bowl victory won’t even end the quest. But it would be sure nice to have that dilemma. Despite what the song says, the obsession ain’t always pleasin’.

Check out my site, www.justiceiscoming.com and at Twitter @Lucab12.

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  • Diego Blue posted 1981 days ago

    Diego Blue

    Ross whats up.. Diego here.. What you think about us going after Jeff Demps.. I think he would be perfect for our offense. Sproles like .. catches the ball extremely well out the backfield. Between Chris Rainey and him I believe he was the better of the two. He's an undrafted free agent so why not. Would be a great fit for us.

    Peace to the Charger Nation