josh crest

josh crest


I'm a student attending graduate school and busy doing my dissertation proposal. This type of academic paper is what I considered as the most difficult, stressful, and daunting academic task I've ever done in my life. I'm just glad that I didn't pursue a law degree or else I'm now having a severe headache thinking about possible law dissertation topics for my final requirement. Doing formal writing is one of my weaknesses even I was in high school that's why I worked hard to overcome my writing woes. Now, I can say that through consistent reading, practicing, and honing my skills I can able to produce a good writing result.

Aside from my studies, I am very committed into sports. I'm a sports enthusiast and I love to watch and play ball games such football and basketball. I used to be a varsity scholar during my college years and have been awarded as most valuable player in numerous game conferences. Instead of pursuing a career in the field of sports, I decided to attain a higher level of education and take an advance learning in developmental communication and get a certificate in technical and creative writing.

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