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Currently, I produce and host my own podcast where I feature the best in urban music then and now, from the likes of Rap, R&B, Latin Rap and J-Pop. Since becoming a fan of the Lakers and Clippers, I've become something of an NBA Idealist Analyst, which means "no stats, all stories." There's more to the game than just math, even if they represent the heart and soul of basketball statistics. Got much love for the fanart world, all the way from DeviantArt to FurAffinity.

You know what? I'm tired of being bashed around like I have no business in sports. If you don't understand what I mean with my comments, don't reply. You do, I'll reply back, and depending on the tone of your response, I may flag you for offensive. No excuses, no exceptions.

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  • v posted 1586 days ago


    hey thanks alfredo, although i dont always agree with your articles, right is right and wrong is the way u stood up to Son Goko....

  • Son Goku posted 1586 days ago

    Son Goku

    yes flag me for offensive EVEN THOUGH I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE A TROLL. Look im all for womens rights as the next guy, but sometimes telling a girl shit like "go back to the kitchen" is pretty fucking funny. So yeah

  • v posted 1586 days ago


    what have u to say about the clippers now that they've resign chris paul and then some. how far do u see this team going in the playoffs... do u think they can win the championship and how soon...

  • v posted 1683 days ago


    when the clippers resign chris paul, i wonder what u'll say next