Matthew F

Matthew F


University of Texas at Austin Mathematics (Statistical Data Analysis) and Neuroscience student. I've been a daily Bleacher Report junkie for as long as I can remember, I figure it's finally time to create an account.

I'm a die-hard Texas Longhorns fan but I've been raised as an Aggie for the majority of my life (don't hold that against me!). Now that I'm indeed attending the University of Texas, my household has officially become a house divided.

I have an interest in nearly all sports outside of hockey and tennis. While I've played both sports growing up as a kid, I just don't have a particular interest in watching matches on television. I've played as many sports as I can think of and absolutely loved every single one, notably football and wrestling being my top two favorites. I've since decided to stop the sports pursuit in order to focus on my academics. I'm currently in my third year of college, and I'm looking to pursue mathematics to the PhD level.

Since being admitted to University, my interest in professional sports has taken a back-seat to college athletics. I mostly patrol the college football boards both as Texas fan and overall fan of college football. Although I have my biases, I try to be as realistic as possible when it comes to debate.

On a side note, I got to tell Mack Brown happy birthday in DKR on August 27th, 2012. The entire coaching staff was with us!

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  • Ben Hess posted 1636 days ago

    Ben Hess

    I'm definitely getting pumped for the new season! Bleacher Report has been a nice placeholder for College Football during the offseason. As much as I've enjoyed the articles, there is nothing quite like watching the actual game. Hope all is going well for you!

  • David Persons posted 1931 days ago

    David Persons

    Matthew - please see my posts to Lionel Simms. I got on the computer and searched the national database of faculty at four year institutions and the only "Lionel Simms" I found was at the University of New Orleans Medical School as a Professor of Ophthalmology. There is also no dissertation, that I can find at any rate, authored by anyone named "Lionel Simms". You and I may not always agree on football, but I think we both have enough graduate work and degrees under our belts to get rightfully pissed when someone lies about academic credentials.

    He may be a TA or something, but if he is a professor I can't find him! Let me know if you learn anything else about this loser. He is a real insult to all of us who have worked hard and earned our degrees.

    Take care! David

    (PS - Want to make a wager about the UT-TCU game? I live just outside of Austin, and we could meet for the loser to buy a beer or two).

  • Nathaniel Walters posted 1936 days ago

    Nathaniel Walters

    Hey man! I did reply to your comment on my post, but I wanted to do it here as well. Your comments are extremely encouraging and provide a great amount of perspective for me. I look forward to writing quite a bit more in the future, and I look forward to seeing what you think!
    Again, thanks!

  • Ben Hess posted 1949 days ago

    Ben Hess

    Thanks Matt, I appreciate your kind words. As you've noticed too, it's crazy what just a little bit of research can do to a post besides a "my team rules and your team sucks" type of post, huh? Keep up the hard work too!