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  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3005 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hey man,

    Long time no hockey-talk. I'm getting back in the game now, but it's been a while.

    Anyway, I'm back to writing about the Flames, and am now serving as a Featured Columnist at With that, I should be publishing new articles here about three times a week, so if you're still following the team feel free to drop by with your usual analysis and comments. As always, I appreciate your support.

    Take it easy,

  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3265 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hi Andrew,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am now also publishing articles for The Hockey Writers ( in their hockey history section. I'll still be looking at the Flames here and there, and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.


  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3331 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hey Andrew. Thanks for the Pick of the Day on the Avery article. Glad you liked it.

    Take care,


  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3559 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hi again Andrew.

    Thanks again for your generous feedback. I am glad that you got something out of the article. I hope you find "Acadian Driftwood" (if you have any trouble, let me know); listen carefully to the lyrics... chokes me up sometimes! The Band, one of the greatest American folk groups of all time according to fans and the music industry, were primarily Canadian, and in comes through in various forms in their music.

    If you are interested, you should try your hand at writing here on the site. It is a great venue to try putting those thoughts and ideas down on "paper", and to develop further ideas in the process. If you are stuck, take a topic/team/player you are interested in and simply start writing about it, facts and/or opinion; or do a bit of research and see what new ideas or facets emerge. Sometimes finding a new piece of information spurs one to ruminate further on a topic, and then to put forth one's own theories or opinions. If you need help, there are quite a few people, myself included, who are willing to put in their two cents to help you find a direction. Ryan Alberti and Zander Freund are two BR cogs, and regularly look at work for contributors.

    In any event, I hope you continue to enjoy the reading (hope you like them long in the case of my articles!), and thanks again for the support... and the picks! Take care and see you out there.


  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3582 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hey there!

    What type of source materials? (for which topic, what format is easiest for you, etc)

    I can probably tip you to a few good resources, just let me know what you need. I find some of the best article ideas come from good research!