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  • Rohan Ahluwalia posted 1408 days ago

    Rohan Ahluwalia

    Oh, whoops, didn't see that message you posted on my wall until now :P. Lots and lotsa things have changed... and yet stayed the same. Like I said before it started, this is a throwaway season for us. Sure it is more disappointing than I was expecting but still, in my head, this season was never going to count for us. It would be from next season where we shall probably pick up some form, and the season after that we'll be very close to winning the league proper. Or maybe Moyes has been inspired by Stalin and decided on a 5-year plan for success. Either way, the real stuff starts next season, and we'll have to wait till then to see some real improvement. Should performances have been this poor? Absolutely not. But I blame the players as much as I blame Moyes for this. Quite a few people would like to see us change our style of play from the wings, but there is no path through the middle that we can take. Against Stoke, we were incredibly unlucky to lose to a deflection and a wonderstrike, along with Jones and Evans beforehand. The best performances this season I think show how Moyes truly wants the team to play. See the second half vs Swansea, the blitz vs Fulham, the dominance vs West Ham. Our best play has been when we actually bother to pick up the pace against the opposition. Oh, and I forgot about the really good first 20-odd minutes we put in vs. Chelsea. And that victory over Arsenal. Quite a few people would like to see Shinji get playing time, and insist that Moyes has some sort of hatred towards him, but how much has he really performed for us? He gave him a chance, see Moyes passing up Ozil (get it? pass? Cause he assists everybody), and has not been as creative as he can be. There can only be so many "he doesn't fit the system" arguments before one has to look at the player. In less time than him, Mata has picked up 2 assists and numerous key passes. Shinji? He has nothing (though deserved a goal and an assist vs Swansea, and was magisterial vs Leverkusen). I think the problem is that Shinji is too much of a team player. Time and time again, he is being pegged back because Evra is simply being too lazy to track back, causing his performances to drop off. If you look back to Adam's second goal this weekend, you'll see our right flank completely wide open to be exploited. Why? Mata drifted centrally, to be in prime position to counter. This is what Shinji has seemingly not done whatsoever, maybe just caring a bit too much for the team to leave Evra to the hounds. I would love to see him and Mata link up, however, for I feel they shall compliment each other perfectly.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1424 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    I'm not really considering relegation, as we're merely mingled with many other teams. To really start worrying, we would have be behind fellow contenders.

    9th-10th is optimistic for now, as it's the highest we realistically could achieve, but cementing a mid-table position should be our target.

    I know less about Crystal Palace's youngsters, because I don't make the effort to watch them or look them up as much.

    I do know of quite a lot, but it would have helped if you asked me a few months ago when I was still in contact with the club.

    Jonathan Williams- 20 yr old Welsh midfielder- he is their standout youngster who has already made 50 appearances and has four caps for Wales. His 5'2 stature helps him have a low centre of gravity, which is complemented by his footballing intelligence and stamina. He always wants the ball and is never overawed. He will have a great future and would have progressed much further if not for a broken fibula and badly sprained ankle.

    Jose Campana- 20 yr old Spanish midfielder- he was bought over the summer from Sevilla. He starred in the U20 World Cup, showing excellent decision making and composure with and without the ball. He is primarily a defensive midfielder, although like most Spanish players he has ability on the ball. His attitude has let him down previously, as he stormed out of Sevilla when they were trying to bring him through the ranks, and has been exiled from Crystal Palace for a while after not accepting Ian Holloway's criticism over his work-rate.

    Hiram Boateng- 18 yr old English midfielder- has only appeared sporadically for the first team, but clearly coming through the ranks. Unlike the others, the is an all action midfielder who is not afraid to impose himself and make ambitious decisions. This is also his biggest weakness, as during the FA Cup 3rd Round game with West Brom, despite making an assist he lost the ball and gave away fouls needlessly. He lacks composure, which is understandable for his age.

    Alex Wynter- 20 yr old English defender- made his debut aged 16, but only sporadically appeared since then. Is equally comfortable playing right or centre back, and has captained the youth and reserve teams. He is currently out on loan at Sutton United. I haven't seen him play and cannot find any more information.

    Jerome Williams- 18 yr old English left-back- he is also really highly rated. He is an attacking left back with good physical stature and agility. Has appeared for Palace's first team in the League Cup and been out on loan at Forest Green in the Conference, the fifth tier of English football. Again, I've never seen him, so cannot provide a personal opinion.

    I've spoken to Jason a couple times since his departure. I still disagree with the decision, as his football priorities need to go along with his school work, not replace. He blew the opportunity to be at one of the best schools in the country for the extremely rare chance he will make a good career out of football.

    I asked someone at Crystal Palace about him, and they did not recognise the name. Whether that's because they work at The Study Centre, or says something about his progress at the club, I don't know.

    I'm not currently in contact with him, although not for these reasons. I hold nothing personal against him.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1427 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    West Brom's season so far has been underwhelming. We have an inflated squad, with a lot of our expensive additions not contributing.

    Keith Downing was still in charge against Southampton, with Mel in the stands. Mel will take charge for the first time against Everton on Monday.

    Yesterday epitomised exactly why I didn't think Downing would be a good long-term appointment. Our recent form has been down to our players being more motivated, due to the effect of Clarke being sacked, not any better decision making from the man in charge.

    Like countless times this season, we have thrown games away by sitting back, with our central defenders in the penalty nearly the whole and consequently, look exhausted whenever we get the ball. Our defenders have the easiest job ever, as they hardly out of the penalty box, which is why they constantly look like our best players on and off the ball, and from set pieces.

    After seeing how Mel's Betis have played, he would have been incensed at how our team were set up and I'm relieved to hear him say how he wants a new 'aggressive' style of play.

    Moreover, despite failing to offer any attacking threat at all throughout, Downing decided to leave his substitutions until the 75th, 80th and 85th minute. I really cannot find a way to explain what he was thinking. Only then did we offer a threat, but Long choked from about three yards out unchallenged.

    Southampton were distinctly better than us, but were very wasteful in the final third. The goal we conceded was extremely poor, the main culprit being Steven Reid, who I've known for months is not a Premier League standard player.

    Clarke's being weakness as a manager was his stubbornness to change, and Downing also seems to suffer from that plague.

    Running a business on short-term loans with not much resale value is not sensible. The more I think about it, the less our business makes sense. It's not all Richard Garlick's fault, because we have a complicated structure and his role for each transfer was unclear.

    Our mess of a transfer window that will harm our finances long-term is not down to one person, it's down to everybody who played a part. But I cannot understand why Jeremy Peace, a businessman, sanctioned them.

    Sessegnon is a limited player, who cannot score or create. He has had bags of raw potential for years, but has never worked hard enough to utilise them.

    He misses easy opportunities every game, and offers nothing more than dribbling ability and flair. Unlike Morrison or Dorrans, he is not clever enough to make an incisive pass, or proactive enough to work off the ball while making the right decisions on it. For £6.5 million, you expect a much better player.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1434 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    After I saw your question, I decided to write an article on the topic:

    This should more than answer your queries.

    Like racism and sexism, homophobia is slowly edging out of our society. Not everybody is convinced that its a trait, that makes our identity rather than a lifestyle choices, while some are against it for religious reason, but I don't support wither of those beliefs.

    The bible does argue against homosexuality, but it was written thousands of years ago, long before we understood how our brain works. This was later discovered by humans, not God. You'd have to be a religious extremist to come up with any other conclusion.

    In every workplace, in every society, there should be a zero-tolerance policy to homophobia and offensive stereotyping.

    I'm delighted that Thomas Hitzelsperger has come out and hope other will follow this example in the future. Right now, you cannot realistically expect someone to come out while playing in the Premier League because they would get tormented by fans.

  • Rahul posted 1437 days ago


    Hey, how did I get his name.. His account had his original name. He was one of those United Hater. That idiot just edited his profile name without realizing that the change would be seen in his earlier comments as well. Let's beat the shit out this coward mate.

  • Rio Ferdinand posted 1449 days ago

    Rio Ferdinand

    i deserved a new Manchester United contract and i can keep going just like Giggs and Scholes. david moyes is a clueless Scottish trash.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1450 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    Hi Jerry,

    I'd like to apologise for sending this message on time. We had a lot of people coming round for Christmas, and before that I was very busy with revision. Until January 6th, it is still Christmas time, so I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Been a pleasure speaking with you.

    I've never seen Solskjaer's Molde side, so I cannot really comment. He hasn't been approached by West Brom yet, but he has a good record, is very interested in coming to the Premier League and is highly rated by those around him, so he must be somewhere in the reckoning.

    To my surprise, Pepe Mel is in pole position to get the job. He was first approached by Jeremy Peace in Madrid last week, before further meetings in London this week. He recently departed back to Madrid to spend Christmas with his family but is due to arrive again today. We will probably give interviews to a few other candidates before we decide he is definitely the man for the job, but a new manager, most likely him, could be at the helm by the end of the week.

    This surprised me because he is not well known or appreciated outside Spain. He was not once linked with the post until Jeremy Peace's contact with him was reported this week. I'm hopeful and rather ecstatic.

    He has every attribute to be an elite manager. He is tactically adept, meaning he gets the best of his sides, and is not afraid to change his game plans depending on the strengths of his team and the opposition. His Betis side constantly dominated teams in their half, were confident enough to put longer passing sequences together without minimalising the impact of more direct players like Alvaro Vadillo, Dorlan Pabon and Joel Campbell.

    His team was so unpredictable because he made such a balanced squad with almost no money. In fact, the majority of them came through the youth system. Ruben Castro, who scored 18 goals last season, was rescued from obscurity.

    Joel Campbell and Dorlan Pabon were at the club on loan.

    They were a balanced team because all of their wide and front players were so quick and direct, while the midfielders, particularly Benat, played at a slower pace, could keep hold of the ball, and had the intelligence to dictate play. The movement of this side was also very fluent going forward, so for a variety of reason, it was very hard to get the ball off them.

    With such a formidable side, he didn't need to change his teams shape numerous times a game. He change his game plans depending on the opposition, sometimes focusing on one specific side to focus on the opposition's weakness, sometimes pushing certain midfielders forward or holding them back depending on the opposition's strengths etc.

    He also had complete support of the Betis fans, as shown on this Betis blog: You will find an honest description of his character here, which I will evidence. When he was sacked, Ruben Castro was deeply saddened and claimed "he was like a father to me". Upon writing a murder mystery novel, I know, which other manager would you find writing that, he joked: "while writing, I may suddenly think of a plan to stop Cristiano Ronaldo." He is a positive, articulate charismatic, character at all times, and can be very funny like that.

    As a am growing increasingly worried about how predictable we are in possession, there are many reasons for optimism that it might change if he is appointed. One negative might be that his Betis side were always a little dodgy defensively, but they played attacking football, which was in their case, playing around their best players. We have much better central defenders than they did.

    We need to work on our attack much more than our defence.

    On the other hand, they could appoint me, who got West Brom in Europe on Football Manager.

    I watch BBC News every morning before school. Less so out of term time.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1461 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    I don't watch the Scottish Premiership, so haven't seen Ryan Gauld.

    Usually I stay at home, revise and watch football. My parents are split up so I alternate between their houses.

    I only see my friends outside school when playing football, which we will start again next month. My brother needs to start doing more exercise because of a Duke Of Edinburgh course he is going soon, in which he, along with others, need to stay overnight without adult assistance in a outdoor, scarce area.

    It's certainly harsh, but not shocking. He was always going to be scrutinised after he pleaded our chairmen, Jeremy Peace, to spend on deadline day. We now have an inflated squad, with many player carrying huge pay checks and contributing nothing.

    He was then under obligation to significantly improve our performances and results. He initially improved the former, though we never picked up enough points and our performances have now deteriorated. We did not look like a Premier League standard team against Norwich or Cardiff.

    In 2013, we have acquired only 31 points in 34 games. That is abysmal.

    As we are only four points from the top half, I would have given him at least another game,
    at home against Hull. But if we didn't win that came and crept towards the bottom three, our club wouldn't have had much choice.

    This name has not been mentioned, but I want Pepe Mel as our new manager. He has performed heroics with Real Betis, until his hugely unpopular sacking. He is a charming and inventive man who improved the club year by year on a minimal budget, from the Segunda Division to Europe in three years, playing free-flowing attacking football, bringing players through their youth system and gaining huge amounts of support from the fans.

    His sacking was shocking as despite them occupying bottom spot in La Liga, they were only three points from safety and qualified to the Europa League Round of 32. They had lost all of their best players from the previous season: goalkeeper Adrian signed for West Ham, Jose Canas and Alejandro Pozuelo for Swansea, Benat for Athletic Bilbao, Dorlan Pabon for Valencia, Joel Campbell for Olympiakos, Ruben Perez for Elche, plus top scorer Ruben Castro has been injured nearly all season.

    The club have spent approximately £5 million replacing nearly their entire squad, including all their best players. How a manager can be blamed for those circumstances is beyond me.

    Pepe Mel was recently linked to the West Ham post and has been studying English for years. He has repeatedly vocalised his desire to work in England and we should appoint him.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1465 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    Your team must be quite physical. Chasing the ball uses more energy and allows less recovery time than keeping the ball. When you retrieve it, keeping it can be challenging because you may have a physical disadvantage and making decision making can be slower as your focus has recently been on retrieving it.

    This isn't an attempt to criticise your coaches tactics because it may suit your side's strengths, as you indicated.

    England will be in a different climate to usual, meaning they could struggle to deal with the heat and humidity. It doesn't help that their first game, against Italy, is in Manaus, over eight hours flight from the training camp, with over 90% humidity projected.

    Italy and Uruguay are both naturally hotter, more humid countries, and are better at ball possession, so I would count them as favorites for the group, as much as that upsets me. Neither are world-class teams, but each have impressive players and have an established set-up.

    England also have impressive players, but also rely on individuals. Somehow it's tough to foree Wayne Rooney putting in the same scillinating performances in such tough conditions.

    If they get through, I couldn't imagine them progressing beyond the quarter-finals. I predict Brazil to win.

  • Ben Dewison posted 1472 days ago

    Ben Dewison

    Could you give me an idea of your school team's tactical setup?

    In other words, how does your coach set you up to win games? Do they simply encourage you to win and give you positions, or go into more detail?

    Apologies if this is too much to answer, but I have no real idea of the type of football coaching school children of your age get. I would be very interested if you had an answer.