Don Abraham

Don Abraham


Born in New Orleans, LA to the parents of two St. Lucian immigrants. Raised in Southern California. I am a huge NFL American Football Fan, Boxing Fan, NBA Basketball Fan, and European Football (Soccer) Fan. I love writing about issues in sports on and off the field. Social issues affecting athletes, fans and communities regarding sports are my hot topic of discussion grew up mainly watching the NFL, Boxing, and the NBA, however I have a special love for the beautiful game European Football (Soccer). My advice to people who watch sports is this; the stronger, the faster, the bigger, and the smarter athlete always win, a great combination of all four makes a great athlete, regardless to what the sport is.

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  • Jo-Ryan Salazar posted 2869 days ago

    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Lay off the ALL CAPS when posting on my topics. Thank you.

  • Bryant Maxwell posted 2939 days ago

    Bryant Maxwell

    I am planning to do a Boxing rankings article every month, exclusively for B/R. But I need you and other respected writers help for the rankings process. I need you to send me your top ten rankings and I will compile them into one B/R rankings list. 10 points for the number one ranked boxer. 9 for the two number boxer. All the way down to one point for the number ten boxer on your list. I will compile the rankings into one of my articles and give credit to each writer who participated, and links to their pages. This will make sure for an unbiased rankings each month. Just send me your rankings if you are down.

  • tumang bokaba posted 3053 days ago

    tumang bokaba

    first things things. you claim that boxing is not a passionate sport but one of skill, i'd like to know how you can be dedicated to your discipline if you are not passionate about your art.

    definition of passion : "a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything". but like you say boxing in your world is not about passion, you can keep that opinion and share it with simple minded folks like yourself.

    further, i never said Floyd wasnt great, i just want someone to knock his ass out to teach some humility, but since you hung on the man and you have a gift for prophecy i guess that will never happen.

    as for you not respecting me anymore, Nail, i dont get off your respect. i live regardless. I love boxing and the art that it is, i just dont like Floyd. get over it.

    and yeah i am black and from Soweto, but like a typical black man who is suffering from a depraved self esteem, dont assume that becuase i am black i'll be a fan of a every black athlete. this is sport not politics.

    you sound like an intelligent man, dont act stupid.

  • Richard O'Neal posted 3068 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Former Kentucky Coach Arrested for Drunken Driving

    Please read and add comments on your thoughts about the ever-growing problem of alcohol on our roads.


  • Maria Garcia posted 3069 days ago

    Maria Garcia

    Hi There! ... Just wanted to share a very touching article that our mate , Joe , wrote . I think it's very well written and in my case , I specially liked it because I lost my dad last April , and I was thinking of writing a tribute article to him , too .
    Thanks for reading .
    Carpe Diem , Maria .

  • Richard O'Neal posted 3070 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Jaguars can still be a threat in 2009, here's why:

    Please provide comments on what you think the future holds for them.


  • Richard O'Neal posted 3071 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Jets rookie Sanchez had a tough night last night...check it out here.

    Please provide some comments on his first game as the Jets' starter.


  • Chris Farmer posted 3088 days ago

    Chris Farmer

    thanks for your comments re:Vick. It is hard for me to find (white) people who get it.

  • Paul Swaney posted 3196 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    Welcome to B/R! I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have over the past 4 weeks. My latest article is a bit personal- seeing Wrigley Field through new eyes. Check it out when you have a chance. Thanks