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  • Craig DeForest posted 2008 days ago

    Craig DeForest

    Ok, thanks, Tim. Glad to hear you weren't just one big fart. I'm now wondering if your sarcasm is also lost on others, or is it just me?

    Hey, this "Connect With Facebook" link isn't working for me. It shows that it is trying to connect with FB, but doesn't complete the connection.

    And I'm already signed up, but it invites me to do it again. And so I did, and nothing happened.


  • Tim Keeney posted 2008 days ago

    Tim Keeney

    Thanks for the comment, Craig from Santa Fe, NM. Both of those sentences in my article were fairly sarcastic. I'm aware there aren't 830 golfers better than Peterson. It was more of a shot at the rankings than a shot at Peterson. He had a great week. And for the run-on thing, that was more of a brain fart, and a sentence getting in there that had previously belonged to a different sub-hed, which I ended up deleting. Thanks for pointing it out.