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  • Hey I would appreciate some input on my article: The Five Worst Sports Announcers in NY

  • Timothy O'Brien posted 3027 days ago

    Timothy O'Brien - let me know what you think.

  • Stephen Meyer posted 3059 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    Hey Bill,

    Lou Gehrig has somehow been forgotten amongst the game’s immortals, even though he was possibly even more of a reason for the success of Ruth’s 1927 Yankees. Read about the quiet, forgotten leader of “Murderer’s Row,” Henry Lou Gehrig.

    Thanks in advance!

    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Mosang Miles posted 3060 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    No problem Bill!

  • Yoosof Farah posted 3063 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    thanks for replying and saying thanks for criticism! as long as you understand where i am coming from it's all ok. in any case, sorry if my comment was very harsh (it certainly seemed that way!), it wasn't a personal attack or anything, just the article content. honestly, no harsh feelings yeah?

    just a little bit of help for next time though, try to avoid article saying you hate a certain sport. unless you like negativity or something, you will attract tons of negative comments, and quite a lot of them will be quite distasteful.

  • Yoosof Farah posted 3064 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    your 'soccer' article is a disgrace, in my view it is rubbish, and some very just criticism was left in the comment threads of your article.

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3064 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    Thanks for the pick Bill!

  • Mosang Miles posted 3064 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    My pleasure Bill!

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3065 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...