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I grew up dreaming of playing in the N.H.L...... one day. I never really believed that I would because I never played organized hockey.

I could always dream the dream and that I did, every single day.

I imagined a pro scout would drive by my housing project in north Toronto and sign me up while playing one of our daily road hockey games.

In the 70's also my teenage years, I vividly remember the domination of the Habs towards the end of the decade, the evilness of the Broad Street Bullies mid decade and a couple Stanley Cups won by the Big Bad Bruins in the early seventies.

Pro Hockey was much different back then with the National Hockey League having to deal with the upstart World Hockey Association and a deluge of great household name stars that had split for the new league. Hockey was still a sport but the players were slowly starting to want more. Salaries soared and owners demanded more from the loyal fans. Ticket prices would sky rocket and revenues from every possible avenue were squeezed, the end result was hockey was now and would forever be big business.

I love to focus on mostly hockey history and enjoy talking or writing about the old players, teams and buildings. I also enjoy sharing some of my sports related memories and experiences.

Game On.

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