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Steve Raper

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Hi; My name is Steve,I am married with 6 children and 11 grand children.
I am a Christian who enjoys what God has given us.
I love sports of all kinds,as long as it`s competitive.

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    nqzhjgwq hnkccata

    Whats up my friend.
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  • Steve Raper posted 3173 days ago

    Steve Raper

    Bear with me guys I`m doing a total makeover on my computer.I`ll get back asap!

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3174 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Nice job dawg, very well executed.

  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3184 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    Glad you are with us Steve - look forward to your next writing!

  • Jonathan Lintner posted 3185 days ago

    Jonathan Lintner

    I was just a little confused as to what your ideal solution would be. Do you think NASCAR should actually change the rules by allowing more to be done to the car setup-wise, or should they knock down the banking and treat it like a normal race?

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3185 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    Hey Steve-
    Welcome to the site. Hope to see you continue to contribute!
    Feel free to contact me whenever you have questions, problems or concerns.

    Kelly Crandall
    Co-Community Leader, NASCAR Page