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Mr. Australia might be on the other side of the world, but he's been following the NBA since the glory days. An avid fan of basketball in general, he usually takes the side of the underdog (as most Australians do). He can be very opinionated, and will only enter an "argument" when he knows the facts to be true.

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  • Rich Kurtzman posted 2880 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    Good to hear from you on my latest piece. How have you been? Lots of good going on for the Nuggets lately! Cheers

  • Daniel K posted 3012 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hello Dave, how are you?
    I wrote a new article about an hour or so ago, and I'm hoping on your input:

    You'll find yourslef seeing something different from your everyday Bleacher article.
    Just be optimistic when reviewing it, my writing may be rusty, and you'll find yourself stepping back from sports!

  • Rich Kurtzman posted 3080 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    Kleiza traded,
    What's your thoughts? Any new news about where Denver may go?

    Hope you're good bro,


  • Garrett Olsen posted 3100 days ago

    Garrett  Olsen

    I herd you were upset about the Weems trade. I was the first one to break the news last now and now that the deal is confirmed go read my Updatde On Malik Allen to Denver article. You may feel a little better.

  • Daniel K posted 3106 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey Dave! Well that's cool that you like being in the background, but you know, it'll be awesome to see an article from you anyway, about the Nuggets, Iverson, or NBA stuff. Some people must open their eyes, and stop their hate on Iverson, which may never happen, and I am not so sure he will ever be remembered as highly as he should, which is why I refer to him as underrated.

    You're welcome for the fan add, and I respect your comments, and really...I truly understand them, some others don't, simply because they are either non-intellects, biased haters, brainwashed by media, or something else, or even a combination of what I listed. While there are others who will respectfully disagree.

    When Allen Iverson was a Denver Nugget, I was a Nuggets fan, and watched almost all their games. When Iverson left, I didn't watch them as much, but I started to again, and yes, I am a Nuggets fan now. They are exciting, fun, and play better defense, and are more under control. I just dislike when people say they are better because AI left. I mean, if Billups came without Iverson leaving, they couldve been the champions. Yet, I am still a Nuggets fan now.

    See you around Bleacher Dave, bye!

  • Daniel K posted 3107 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey Denver Nuggets (or should I still call you Mr. A?), how are you?

    If you noticed, I recently gave you a fan add. I have seen several of your comments, and you definately deserve fans, because you, a member here, is smarter in basketball than most people who are ranked above you (I won't name names), but you have the opinions, that are actually facts, and people have been brainwashed, (Iverson haters, and all that is going on these days, that people make sick statements about, it'll be awesome to see an article from you)

  • Bhavik Darji posted 3109 days ago

    Bhavik Darji

    Here it is Dave!

    Thanks for the fan add btw.

  • Daniel K posted 3168 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey Mr.Australia. (Love the picture! Are you an Eminem fan? Love the guy, one of the best ever!)
    I saw one of your comments and came upon your profile. I see you like Allen Iverson and are a fan. There are alot of haters out there, so it is hard to talk about AI these days. So seeing as your a fan, I just wanted to see your take on someting if you could;

    How good is Iverson? Is he in his prime? Where will he end up next season? Where does he rank among the best players to you, and what is your list of say the top 5, or top 25 best players?

    Most AI fans who understand Ivo, know he is a top 5-10 player when utilized correctly. But these days most people trash talk him. When I ask others around this site, they would consider him as the best, or top 3-7 players in the league when correctly used.

    People are kicking AI for his well, subpar season compared to what he truly is capable of, instead of giving him credit for going through the whole annoying process he never even asked to be in. All of a sudden people act like he is washed up and done, no longer a star. But I definately still consider him a superstar, in his prime, top 1-7 player (depending on how he is utilzied by the team). So I just wanted to see your take if you can. If not, I understand, I hope to see a response, but if not, I'll see you around Bleacher, bye!

    (By the way, just to let you know,if you do like Ivy alot, you may be interested in these two articles: "Allen Iverson and Lebron James: The Answer vs. The King" and "A.I. May Be The Best Player In The NBA Today To Yet Win A Champioship") Enjoy!