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  • Rio Ferdinand posted 1487 days ago

    Rio Ferdinand

    i deserved a new Manchester United contract and i can keep going just like Giggs and Scholes. david moyes is a clueless Scottish trash.

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1809 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Hey mate, just got your message. I think that Michael Mancienne has great potential. He is still young but he could well be one of England's better defenders at some point.

  • Dieter Okazaki posted 1887 days ago

    Dieter Okazaki

    Do we really need to come up with wars when we talk about football? Just be happy that we live in a peaceful Europe and never have to experience such horrors again.

    But for the record, the Soviet Union played a bigger part in Nazi-Germany's downfall than all other countries combined. 9 out of 10 German soldiers who fell during the war died on the eastern front.

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1892 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Also, in regards to the war.. why do you English still always feel the need to talk about something that is LONG since dead and occurred like half a century ago? Second, Germany was so powerful at that time that it took 7 countries to stop them. Germany invented the automobile, the jet plane, the rocket, built the best tanks/guns and most other military equipment etc. As much as I despise all that Hitler stood for, there is no denying that Germany was an incredibly powerful country especially considering that the whole country is only about as big as Texas.

    America landed on the moon only because they kidnapped the German rocket scientists and got them to help. Look it up. Werner Von Braun was the reason the U.S. got to space.

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1892 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Um, dude, first off using club teams to compare is ridiculous because almost all EPL teams are made up almost entirely of NON-ENGLISH PLAYERS. Also, in the last 10 years, there have been 2 Bundesliga runners up (Bayern in 2010 and 2012) and 2 semi-finalists (Schalke 2011 and Leverkusen 2002). Second, how many EPL teams actually are made up of actual English players? Most EPL teams don't even have more than like 2 or 3 ACTUAL English on the team! When Chelsea won the Champions League, there was exactly THREE actual English players starting on the team. At least Bayern, Leverkusen and Schalke are mostly German players.

    Also, I was never arguing that the Bundesliga is BETTER than the EPL, but one thing is for sure.. at THIS moment it is better. Just look no further than the fact that the Bundesliga champions Dortmund absolutely mopped the floor with City AT the Etihad. We all know that the penalty awarded to City to tie that game was complete B.S. and even though the score ended 1-1, it would have and could have been more like 10-1 if it wasn't for Joe Hart saving City with an incredible performance. Also just look at the fact that the 3 Bundesliga teams in this year's tournament all LEAD their groups at the moment. Bayern is CURRENTLY the best team in Europe and that can't be argued. They've set a bunch of records already this season (won their first 8 consecutive matches, have an UNREAL goal differential, have won every game they've played in all competitions except for 2 etc) The craziest stat is that on the road so far this season in the league, Bayern has won 6 out of 6 away games while scoring 19 goals and conceding NONE!

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1892 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Whatever man. I love how you English act like YOU won the wars yourself. You had like 5 other countries (mostly the U.S.) helping you. I don't support Hitler or anything he stood for anyway so what the F do I care about some wars? Germany still CRUSHES your pathetic football.