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  • Tony Santorsa posted 2950 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    Hey, wanna see a ranking of the top quarterbacks of the recent decade?

    Check out my new article!

    Tell me what you think, my rankings might surprise you.

  • Mike Kent posted 3072 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Who will end up the best Manning?

  • Ryan Michael posted 3098 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    NFL Network counted down the Top-10 Quarterbacks to have ever been selected number one overall. John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, & Troy Aikman were all placed ahead of Peyton Manning.

    But did they deserve to be?

    I took a deeper look into the careers of all four quarterbacks to provide a better perspective...

    If you have a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 3107 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    For the second time, I've had the privilege of interviewing an Indianapolis Colts football player.

    This time I got to speak one on one with Colts' Wide Receiver, Pierre Garcon.

    The exclusive interview can be read right here...

    I hope you enjoy the article and would love to hear your feedback if you get the chance.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Tyler Pollard posted 3109 days ago

    Tyler Pollard

    Kevin Durant: Trying To put Fallen OCK on the map.

  • Andy R posted 3143 days ago

    Andy R

    Check out the AFC quarterbacks could shape up in 2009!

  • Ryan Michael posted 3152 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are at it again, although this time you have Cold Hard Football Facts to blame...

    If you have a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    Hope you enjoy it,
    -Ryan Michael

  • Corey McSweeney posted 3155 days ago

    Corey McSweeney

    Hey TCC, I have a new piece up about the Colts positional holes. I'd love to hear your feedback.

  • Blaine Spence posted 3159 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    You can help. Please give a read and "pay this forward" Some things are bigger than sports.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3159 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This is my exclusive interview with Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver, Roy Hall. Without question, having been able to conduct this interview with Roy has been my greatest work here on Bleacher Report to date. Find out what Roy has to say about his football career, the players he's worked with, and what we can expect from the Colts in 2009...

    Any feedback you might have would be of the utmost value.

    Hope you enjoy the Interview,
    -Ryan Michael