Mike  Welkey

Mike Welkey


When it comes down to sports, basketball is what I really enjoy watching. From a young age I loved the sport and the Suns have always been my favorite team.

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  • Sam Cooper posted 1952 days ago

    Sam Cooper

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Mike! It's very appreciated.

  • Akif Islam posted 1997 days ago

    Akif Islam

    ellis would be a great fit for the offense too
    but as you said we'll let that time of year come

    but if im those two, with their offensive talent and phx's lack of a go-to-scorer and its run and gun offense, phx surely has to be a viable option - they'll become the face of the franchise and lead them deep into the playoffs (as younger guys develop)

  • Bryant Knox posted 1998 days ago

    Bryant Knox

    Thanks for the read, Mike!

  • Akif Islam posted 2001 days ago

    Akif Islam

    did you hear bout james harden considering the suns when he's a free agent next season???
    i would love the bearded one on the suns - he and his beard would be the face of the franchise and he would be great for the offence!
    i think im getting carried away though...it's one full year away...

  • Akif Islam posted 2004 days ago

    Akif Islam

    dang it - the trade has stumbled - i think cause wolves realised they were getting nothing out of it
    i hope they can sort it out - would be another great move by management

  • Akif Islam posted 2005 days ago

    Akif Islam

    wes johnson trade - your thoughts on that?

  • Roberto Payne posted 2006 days ago

    Roberto  Payne

    You hit the nail on the head, Monta's offense is solid but his defense is subpar.

    As for Beasley, the other day he said he will be an all star this season. He has the talent, no one has ever questioned his talent, it's the mental toughness and makeup that worries me. If he truly is behind his past and ready to move on, then he'll be a very good player in Phoenix.

    This offseason has not only made the team younger, but more experienced and better overall. The lineup of Dragic, Brown, Beasley, Scola and Gortat should be able to push the tempo and hopefully be a decent defensive lineup. As for the bench, I think they could be a top flight bench in the league if a couple minor pieces are added.

    After all the terrible offseasons the Suns have had under Robert Sarver, I was surprised and glad to have finally had a successful offseason for the first time since 2004. Things are looking up in the desert and hopefully that will translate to wins and playoff appearances. The team will be destined to the 6-8 range, but that's better than not making the playoffs I guess.

  • Roberto Payne posted 2007 days ago

    Roberto  Payne

    I think Brown will be the starter with Dudley playing backup SF. Dudley might be the better player, but his energy and hustle is perfect for a backup role. The deal is only partially guaranteed in the 2nd year so I think this sets things up perfectly for the Suns to draft a SG and go after big name SG free agents like Monta Ellis, Andre Igoudala and Tyreke Evans.

    Brown is a decent scorer but the bench will at least have Dudley, Morris and Frye to score the ball. Brown will be the starter, unless some kind of trade is done. He wasn't amazing as a starter but he put up good numbers and showed he can score when needed. He'll obviously have to be more a efficeint scorer though.

    I get your point about Marshall needing to be with a scorer though. That's entirely true, but who else can be the starting SG except Brown? The only other option is Dudley, and I think he's better suited as a backup. One scenario could be moving Dudley to the starting spot, Brown to the backup and signing Terrence Williams to be the backup SF. I would love to see Williams on the Suns regardless of other moves made.

  • Akif Islam posted 2009 days ago

    Akif Islam

    okay i dont think that pipe dream is gonna happen
    but hey, what's life and free agency/trading in the nba without a few pipe dreams
    brooks would be awesome though...
    i happy we got brown for a steal 7 million too...he'll get some good minutes this year and i guess he loves it in phx
    what are we doing in our frontcourt cause we have: scola and gortat starting
    morris, lopez and frye off the bench - who's gonna get the minutes from there?

  • Akif Islam posted 2010 days ago

    Akif Islam

    was sad that mavs got mayo...was hoping to get him
    at least we re-signed brown who is entering his prime and shot the 3 pretty well last year
    was a good re-signing
    any other moves the suns should be considering?