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I'm a Bull and a Bear of a man, and a hell of a fisherman to boot... I reside in the south suburbs of Chicago, and I have loved and played basketball and football ever since I was a small child... I work in the Human Resources industry professionally, and I am attempting to become a business owner in the near future... My favorite teams by far are the Chicago Bull's and the Chicago Bear's... Growing up in Chicago as a child with the legend that is Michael Jordan repping my city and inspiring me was truly amazing (My parents actually sent me to his b-ball camp as a child "Michael Jordan's Flight School)... I have been called a fanatic by my close friends in the past; so it's nice to join Bleacher Report and discuss sports with fanatical fans from all across the country that love sports just as much as me... I tend to look at my Chi-Town sports scene through ROSE colored glasses sort of speak, so hater's to my teams don't take it personally if I call you out from time to time... I am only here for the intellectual debates...

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  • Ashaun O'Connor posted 2670 days ago

    Ashaun O'Connor

    Honeslty Bro I'm from Toronto, I'm more of a Raptors man. You destroyed me in that debate, I mean....I could of kept at it but...You got that one.

    It's crazy though, Cuz I'm a DIE HARD Bears fan.The Bears are actually like apart of my life, it's kind of a long story how I became a Bears man, it has a little to do with my obsession with the Tampa-2 defense and I few other things but I 've been a bears fan for like 5-6 years now. I talk a lot of shit on some of these Vikings and Packers articles all the time. But I'm a HUGE bears fan, I was pacing up and down my house for about twenty minutes when Lance Briggs Briggs missed that tackle on Ryan Matthews last week. I could argue for hours about how Lance Briggs is the best 4-3 linebacker in the game, All the Reasons Why Brian Urlacher is a Future Hall-Of-Famer and going to have a career year and bounce back strong this year, I just love both our corners, they're both 6-1 200 but they're completely opposite in style. Zac Bowman is a absolute ballhawk with great hands and leaping ability, I really think he should get like 10 picks this year playing left corner, and Charles Tillman is absolute beast. Sure tackiling supports the run well, could play man and zone coverage well, and he gets all those strips, I'm starting to get worried about our safety position but...HEY! we have a better secondary then the Vikings. I still believe Tommie Harris healthy is gonna outplay Kevin Williams and ever other Defensive Tackle for that matter, Oh! and I don't know why....But I think im the only person that think Chris Williams is gonna get really good this year and outplay guys like Ryan Clady and Jake Long from his draft class or even play at that level and make the Pro Bowl.in the NFC. It would make sense too he's a 1st round pick, and I member when he was coming out they said that he had the potential to be better than everybody member there was like 8 offensive tackles in round 1 in that draft, they said Long excels in the run game and Clady excels in the Pass game and that Chris Williams might Excel at both with the right coaching.

    But We could talk Bears Later...Lets Talk Bulls.
    I really don't hate Derrick Rose, I loved him in College, and 20 & 6 in his second year at 22 years old is pretty impressive. I really can't think of a point guard in the history of the NBA that is 6-3 with that combination of speed and leaping abillity, he has Allen Iverson type scoring ability and is a Willing Passer. I don't know why but I can't see him being a double digit assist guy he just has that score first mentality I could see him get up to like 8 a game though, he has an absolute ton of weapons this year so we'll see it would be crazy if he was like 25 & 10 in a few years but we'll see. I'm high on your front court thuogh if Deng stays at 7 boards a game, Boozer statys at 11 and Noah Stays at 12 that would be unheard of! Lets not forget about guys like Taj Gibson grabbing 7.5 boards in 26 mins as a rookie. That's honestly enough rebounding to compete with the Lakers, I'm gonna say it again I'm a huge tom thibodeau fan I seen a youtube video about him 2 years ago talking about the 08 Celtics and how he built the Defense and I kind of been studying the guy ever since. But someone brought to me the Assistant Coach argument and I figured it made sense, Great Assistant Coach doesn't neccessarily mean good Head Coach. I mean Rod Marinelli went 0-16 as a head coach and he's a Damn good D-Line Coach I know I'm mixing Apples and Oranges but there's a few examples of that in the NBA. I'm not sold on what's going on at the 2 unless they plan on giving James Johnson there a bit, I kind of wanted them to get a more defensive minded 2 to kind of fit the Tom Thibodeau mold but. they got Korver and went after J.J. Reddick. they need shooters so it kind of makes sense but...elite 2's even a bit above average offensively gifted shooting guards can exploit you guys...but Ray Allen was no Defensive Stallworth in Boston and those Boston teams had tough Championship level Defenses, so Tom knows what he's doing, I'm a Raptors guy though I'm sure you guys dont know a lot about our roster down there in chicago but I'd be happy to discuss Chris Bosh and anything else about Raptors if yu'd like. I gotta go though we could talk Basketball or Football whenever you're ready bro.

  • JW Nix posted 2774 days ago

    JW Nix

    The Biggest Oversight in Pro Football History : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/389389-jim-tyrer

  • NFL News And Rumors posted 3011 days ago

    NFL News And Rumors

    Hey, hows your franchise savior doing?

    Four interceptions, ouch



  • Bleacher Report posted 3032 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Hi Rashid! It's very devestating to learn there's a scandal at Memphis, among one of the shrewd-minded coaches in the game John Calipari, and one of the greatest point guards Derrick Rose, who I deeply admire.

    Not only will it smear their legacy, but it will generate eternal shame on one of the premier programs in the nation.


  • Bleacher Report posted 3041 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    There comes a point in life, where we just have to forgive.


  • Bleacher Report posted 3042 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Hey Rashid, read about the distrubing scandal of Rick Pitino and tell me what you think.


  • Mr. X posted 3072 days ago

    Mr.  X

    would you like to join the bleacher report fantasy football league


  • Kaixi Ouyang posted 3133 days ago

    Kaixi Ouyang

    Thanks! Wow, I didn't realize it's only been 12 days; sure doesn't feel like it.

  • Kaixi Ouyang posted 3134 days ago

    Kaixi Ouyang

    Thanks for subscribing!