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A 70s introduction to football as a boyhood QPR fan brought an appreciation and understanding that ticked every box of the 'Beautiful game' - Phil Parkes, Stan Bowles, Tony Currie et al survive in the mind and spirit via an appreciation of Brazil, Holland, Glenn Hoddle and more right to the present day. A professional affinity to Swansea City didn't always serve up such Cordon Bleu fare to say the least -until Roberto Martinez's arrival to set the template for Swansea and many since. . I'm personally impatient of lazy pundits with 'status quo' ideas and opinions predictably rolled out each season and I'll relish the Bleacher platform to go 'out there'with opinions and ideas !

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  • Meredith Day posted 1903 days ago

    Meredith Day

    Hi Wyn, sorry I didn't see your response to my editor feedback until now. I'm not sure what the circumstances were with your Swansea City article, so I don't know if you would have needed a link there or not. Suffice to say, anytime there's breaking news related to your article, go ahead and put in a link. Always err on the side of caution - there's hardly ever such thing as too much linking, but too little linking is definitely a problem. Thanks!

  • David Ray-White posted 1905 days ago

    David Ray-White

    You need to balance your piece about Mr Gerrard after all Liverpool wherent the ones coming through tackles from behind or threatening gestures towards the Referee/Linesman Liverpool fans wherent throwing coins at the Everton players.Everton had the referee all game Miralas was a pathetic Bully but you dont say anything about that do you?
    Evertons second goal shouldnt have been after a wrong call by the same linesman gave them a thowin that wasnt theirs,and yet you dont say anything about that either.
    Balance in everything Mr Evans or stop writing one sided pieces.