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It's another cold day in New England, with snow flurries and a rainy mist combining to form a fog over the snowpacked fields. And this is spring. We see things a little differently up here; the land and the weather shape the way we see community and family and sports. Sometimes we think about sports as just another recreational activity; sometimes sports is just stuff that happens in other places--big cities and places where it doesn't snow and they don't have to worry about shoveling and gardens and frost heaves. And sometimes we just turn on the Sox game in the evening while we have supper and don't even realize what an integral part of our lives sports are.

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  • Andrew Palumbo posted 3539 days ago

    Andrew Palumbo


    I'm hoping you'll check out my latest article about China, the Olympic games, protests, and our own responses to these current events. I'm making a concerted effort to reach out to people who have added me as a "favorite writer" to attempt to spark a discussion which affects us as sports fans and supporters of a forum for free-speech. Thank you for helping me to get the ball rolling!

    You can find the piece here:

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