Isabelle Alderete

Isabelle Alderete


Let's see, Mexican/Portuguese/English girl, born in Germany raised between England and the USA. Two older and very funny brothers who make me laugh like the dickens. Lived all over, am living right now in Pacifica outside of San Francisco so I can surf. I love it so much I pretty much plan most of my get-aways to do that. Have surfed, Mexico, Brasil, Fiji, Florida, Northeast, California, parts of the Caribbean (not much to speak of), Devon, Cornwall, Ireland, Northwestern France, Biarritz, Northern Spain, Portugual, Chile, Argentina. The map is always open for surfing. I have 4 boards custom made by Ward Coffey down in Santa Cruz who is just an amazing board maker! I became a fan of MMA after watching the St-Pierre v Fitch fight and am now backtracking to get 'educated' on the sport. I think it is a physical chess match. Hockey is my number one favourite sport and am a fan of all the original six (but not Boston - lived there and never liked the city's sports teams) Love the Habs, Redwings the most though.

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  • Ron Tepper posted 3018 days ago

    Ron Tepper

    You OK Isabelle? You didn't wash out to see with Brett Simpson did you?

  • Jessy Morris posted 3065 days ago

    Jessy Morris

    Georges St-Pierre fighting in the MW division, give me your opinion please.

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 3077 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    It's Been a while since I last wrote an article .

    UFC 100 is over, But were Brock Lesnar's actions positive or negative for the UFC?

    Here are my thoughts.

    Thanks, Farooq.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3092 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Please read David K's newest article, " Can Georges St-Pierre Represent MMA the Way Michael Jordan Has Basketball." It is the very best Georges article I have ever read on B/R!

  • Jessy Morris posted 3095 days ago

    Jessy Morris

    Hey, It's the final Timeline article, I would love if you had time to check it out.

  • Jessy Morris posted 3096 days ago

    Jessy Morris

    Well I'll be glad to help you in any mistakes you do in Frech loll. It's pretty cool that you like Montreal so much, it really is a cool city. Hope to talk to you more.