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My name is Jesse and I am currently a student at Rutgers University. I have lived in New Jersey my entire life.

I grew up in a small suburban town about 5 miles from New York City until i was 15 years old, until we moved to norther New Jersey. I am a humongous football fan, and an even bigger baseball fan. I have loved the Yankees my entire life. My earliest memory of baseball is hearing about Jim Abbott's no hitter when I was about 4 years old.

I would describe myself as the prime definition of "die hard". There are very few things in life more important to me than the Yankees.

Although I am a humongous Yankee fan, I am a big packers fan as well. One might wonder how I became a Packers fan if i grew up in New Jersey. To tell you the truth I'm not sure. My father is Viking fan, so I assume I started to like the cheese-heads to oppose my father. Another strong possibility is Brett Favre. As a young quarterback I idolized Brett, and wished to be exactly like him.

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  • Shanan H. posted 3096 days ago

    Shanan H.

    In celebration of Derek Jeter's birthday, I wrote this article: