Alex Luo

Alex Luo


Came to the states (Boston) as a little kid from Hong Kong back in 1986. Fell in love with the Celtics and Red Sox ever since. Also became a Pats fan later on. A dedicated loyal C's and Sox fan that you can find.

Yes, I was there when Bird banged his face on the Garden floor and came back like Superman to beat the Pacers, I was there when Toine and Paul led the biggest 4th quarter playoffs come back vs the Nets, I was there when P J hit that jumper in Game 7 against LBJ and the Cavs. I also sat through everyone of those 18 games losing streak in 07.

I cried when the Sox came back down 3-0 to beat the Yankees in 04, I also cried last yr Game 6 when the C's were getting blown out at home , but the true loyal fans never stopped chanting " Let's go Celtics "

My best friend is from NYC as we went to B U together, he loves all the NYC teams that I hate with a passion. Vice versa, we have our battles through the yrs and will continue.